Dpad supposed to do combos?

So i got the game this past week, despite the crazy workarounds i had to do to buy it in the windows store, but after some training i’m pretty happy to see how the game works.

Notice that i have the combohelper OFF

One thing that boggles my mind tho is the whole Dpad input, from the Dojo training i understood the dpad motion ( up, right, down) only affected the combo breakers. But lo and behold, there i am playing and i notice some of my combos are getting linked witouth me really doing that, so i discovered that if i press a initiator then press foward or down the combos get their respective autos, if people need that kind of help i couldn’t care less, but at least give me an option to turn it off, this really wrecks me over on precasting some moves.

For the old players, was this always like this or is it a S3 bug?

Auto doubles are just that. You press one button and two attacks come out.

Basically you input a regular special move and do the motion whatever it may be. Then hit any button. Then do a special move again. Any time you do a special move you strictly need to do the motion for it. Auto doubles are not special moves and require no special motions just a button press. That’s why they are called auto doubles.

No like, i thought i’d have to press the specific keys to get that auto, like medium punch or medium kick, the thing is that if i press foward on Dpad it counts as a medium punch, which was kinda surprising to me.

I’ve never heard of this before. I’ll give it a go later tonight. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. You can press any punch/kick strength but I think forward on the dpad would just move your character forward and drop the combo.

Yeah i thought that was the whole thing press the assigned key to make ur auto go on that strength, but while playing Glacius today i noticed my double auto was going out witouth me pressing any key, i figured well it’s something from him i don’t know, but i tested it and i kept doing combos, this could be a major glitch tho.

Tried it with Kim Wu. Doesn’t seem to work for me. Tried it on training stage with the inputs showing on the screen. After the special move I press forward on the Dpad and nothing happened.

I don’t know man. Ill try it with Glacius.

Edit: doesn’t work with me. Even if I put combo assist on you still need to press a button.

I think I get what you’re referring to. So the directions let you combo break right? This is because combo breakers are done by pressing the two buttons of that strength. For example if you want a medium breaker you press medium punch and medium kick at the same time. To make things easier they mapped the directions to the combo breaker combinations. So down is light breaker which is actually light punch and light kick at the same time, right is medium breaker which is actually medium punch and medium kick at the same time, and up is heavy breaker which is actually heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. Because auto doubles are done by simply pressing a button of whatever strength you want if you use the directional combinations the game will accept them as autodouble inputs. There is an option on xbox to disable this feature, not sure how it works on PC.

Yeah, sounds like you’re talking about the right analog stick macros. Up is HP+HK, left/right is MP+MK, and down is LP+LK. It’s a good way to “hotkey” breakers, but because they’re technically button presses, doing them within game can also give you inputs, including auto doubles if you’re in a combo. I used the right analog stick for throws for instance, and accidental nudges to the left or right with Sadira is what eventually made me get a fight stick (kept getting unwanted divekicks in her jumps).

Not sure how you managed to map your controller on PC such that your d-pad is what registers the right analog stick directions, but if you wish to disable the feature just press Y for remap controller at character select (has to be in an offline mode I think for this), and toggle off the right analog stick box. This will remove your ability to “hotkey” breakers, but will also clear up any unintended inputs you might be getting from them.

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My controllers for some reason went for Dpad instead of the right analog. I tested again yesterday and it was still happening, i reset everything, removed my xbox controller from pc, closed the game, connected the controller and then it was finally truly reset. A really odd bug, but i’m glad i was able to fix it.