Downloaded PC Game Free (Windows Store) > Bought Shadow Jago (Unlocks Original Jago Also) > Both Missing, Unable 2 Play!

Topic says it all, it’s been days now.

What’s going on here?

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Original Jago unlocked when you get Shadow Jago? Aw man.I wish I new this before. I hope I get my Shadow Jago back soon. Been 3 days now and not a peep from dev team

Yeah, I mean, we can’t be spoilt, they answer alot and usally promptly too…

But MAN this sucks!

And yeah, that’s a bonus!

I only have 2 characters. I bought Jago (so I could save) then 2 hours later they announced Shadow Jago is available so I bought him. Now I just have Jago. When you just have one character the game can get stale real quick. Wish I bought Rash or Fulgore now instead of Jago. They need more customer care people who know how to help. 2 guys to help fix the apparent 6 million users is ridiculous. Even worse they are keeping us hanging with no explanation or news on an attempt of a fix

Well, at least you can play your Original Jago.

Mine is broken since it’s probably linked to the Shadow Jago purchase.

And yeah, they COULD give a reason for why this happened, although it’s probably some kind of common sense reason, some bug for sure haha.

Still no access to the characters I bought. It’s been days and days now, nothing…

No explanation, no apology, no fix, no announcement, no nothing…

What the hell, have they even seen this issue? I am still waiting for my stuff -_____-. Sorry you all are suffering.