Double XP is up! Live through Midnight 1/4/16

My game has double XP running! Check it out everyone!!!


Same here, thanks for the heads up.


Why didn’t you tell us IG?

Get as much xp as you can!!! The end of 2015 is nigh!!! Ring in the new year with all the level 50 characters you can muster!!!

So Shadow Jago and Aganos?

The list is much longer than that for me. I’ve only played about 5 of 6 characters while the rest of the cast has been untouched. But I would like to get Shadow Jago leveled up.

Because it was a surprise, silly. :wink:
I have no use for it since I have level 50 across the board, but it’s still super cool.
Hope Double XP happens more frequently in the New Year :slight_smile:

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The only characters close to 50 are Shago and Aganos. Fulgore,Jago,and Onen are at 50. I might try to reach Conder/Aria to 50. Haven’t decided which one to work for though. Might not even be able to reach level 50 with any of those by new year. Will try though

I’ll sticky this so know people know about it during the weekend. Enjoy the Double XP everyone!

I just got murdered by a Jago using a Combo Assist Bug…

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I will finally be getting ARIA, Hisako, and Kan-Ra to lvl. 50. W00t! :smiley:

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!! :sparkles::boom::tada::confetti_ball:

I had one try earlier… I made a come back and won…he got mad and sent me a PM calling me a wus LOL…i just said GGs!!!

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Just a question, did anyone ever get over 10000 XP at the end of a match (not counting fight challenges) with the double XP bonus? (double XP with ranked or Kyle is 2.5x)

The Christmas accessories and Orchid Color also seem to be available despite no official disclaimer. Get them if you don’t already! :smiley:

How does this stack with boosters? Do you get 4x?

Probably not. At least I wouldn’t think so.

What is this Combo Assist bug?

I just bought 3 days of Double XP from the 26-28th… Hit 50 with Shago, TJ, and Aria

The only characters I have left are Jago, Orchid, Thunder, and Aganos… Sooooo I should have everyone up to level 50 before season 3! :smiley:

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There’s 2 that I know of, 1 with Jago and 1 with TJ Combo. The 1 with Jago has to do with repetitive linkers over and over again ad-nauseum that he should be able to do when using his wind-kick. As for TJ, it has something to do with his opener OS I think.