This is the first incident when my brother and I fought one another

Here’s the second…I have a feeling there is some kind of running joke here…but…IDK…

EDIT: Made this topic as a way for other folks to share their zany knockouts. If you and your opponent ended up making out with the very ground you fought on at the same time. Post it here.

added Sound effectsfor humour are welcome and encouraged!


It can happen!

I love the timeouts more!

Well in our case it ends quite often in a double K.O I have a feeling this is starting to become a running joke. lol

You’re twins aren’t you!

Yes, and I wonder if that may have something to do with this. While it hasn’t happend a lot in most fighting or competing games always some how manage to knock each other out. Everything from meleeing in Halo, to a double K.O from King of the Monsters 2. To even this now.

I think my brother and I tend to Double K.O more than everyone else. lol

Double KOs happened to me a lot more in Season 1 than 2. Unsure if there’s a logical reasoning for this or not.

I have a twin! :smiley:

It was the darn Hail’s fault! :laughing:

This has actually happened to me before.

What is the voice saying in the first clip? xD

It’s a sound bite from the tick themesong lol

Huh? Whats that?

I had a tusk matchup last night with my Kim and we were double ko as well

It’s a classic 90’s cartoon about a crazy superhero. Basically a guy running around in a blue tick suit stopping crime with his side-kick who’s dress as a moth, but for some reason people mistake him for a rabbit.

It’s a weird cartoon.

Maybe you should post it. I’ll change the topic title so people can post their double K.Os

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It just happened to me today! I didn’t know Double KO’s happened in between life bars.