Double jeopardy. Match becomes a draw

Would that be cool? Both fighters hit each
other at the end and they both lose. Another round.

Even better this would be a rare thing, not something
that would happen often. Something to mix things up
once in a while.


Luckily for you, this is the case (at least in Ranked). I played a 2/3 that was 1-1 and we got a D.K.O in the 3rd game. I thought we were done and it was a draw, but a 4th game loaded up right after.

So your saying this is already a feature of the game? I never
seen it before. Maybe because I use Riptora and slaughter my opponents.
I want her to get gold teeth next update.

Well i guess this threads closed then…


You know what i kinda wish they’d called her Riptora this time around

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It already exists it just has a chance of happening, if you paid attention to some of my posts it’s happend to me and @Justathereptile at least three times over the years we played KI.

Also no I like “Riptor” better :U

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Riptor is female, and male, there are many of them.
I named mine Riptora because she is my baby,
a rescue from Ultra tech.

Here is a picture of her baby. Im a Grandpa now.