Doom Alpha / Wolfenstein The New Order

Hey @Fwufikins and @FallofSeraphs76, I started this for you guys. I wanted to keep the thread going on Doom and Wolfenstein that you started under the lvl 50 thread.

I picked up the Wolfenstein bundle as part of the Gold Black Friday sale for $16, and I have to say that I am impressed. Just some old school fun, and surprisingly polished all things considered. I’m impressed by the actual emotional impact they have been able to make with the hackneyed cliché story. Reminds me that there is room in the world for a single player shooter, which has my interest piqued for Doom next year.

I’m one of the few who really liked Doom 3, because I could play it co-op online with my brother.

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I played and enjoyed The New Order but haven’t picked up The Old Blood yet.

I also got an email about the Doom Alpha a couple weeks back but haven’t done anything about it yet. Might be worth looking into tonight.


Cool! Thanks!

yeah I love the New Order! Im really intrigued by Nazii stuff… I dont know why…but I find the look and story’s behind WW2 and Nazii ways to be very interesting…I cant get enough of it. I watched a show on American heroes channel that was the entire story of the regime…it was great!

Ill have to check my New order game for the Doom beta thing…might be too late, who knows. If anyone knows for sure how to get in let me know please

Right now, time is my big problem. Work is a nightmare, and I have to try to find time to play Wolfenstein, Battlefront (which I am still really enjoying), and KI. I haven’t even picked up Tomb Raider yet, but it’s on my Christmas list. Wolfenstein comes out last because I cant let the kids see me stabbing ■■■■■ in the throat, so I’m still in the trunk of the care with Anya. But maybe toward the end of the year I can work through it and then get to The Old Blood.

Wow, N A Z I is a censored word huh?

Yes censored…crazy huh. I havent made it to New Blood yet. Im at the point were the grandparents take you to the first checkpoint and she is still in the trunk.

Man you have to get on that Tomb Raider ASAP!!! Game of the year…maybe best game ive ever played besides KI

I played SW BF the other day and seen you on there, tried to join your game but when it brought me to the match you weren’t a part of the list? SO i tried to find you i a match but no luck…how does it work? Do you know?

It’s tough to navigate without the menu in front of me. But basically you should go to the start screen and try to join a party through the weird yellow bar at the top of the screen (this is a battlefront party, and it’s not linked with the Xbox Live party for reasons that are unclear). Once you do that you will get an invite to any game I join in that same yellow menu - but you have to go up to it manually and open it, it doesn’t seem to pop up on screen.

If it happens again, just shoot me a note. A lot of times I’m on there playing split screen missions with the kids, and sometimes they play by themselves as me. So if you don’t get a response it’s not because I’m ignoring you.

I’m willing to bet that it totally is.

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While it’s true Old Blood doesn’t have the nuanced story of the New Order, and isn’t “as long,” the gameplay and exploration are just as good.

What’s awesome about Old Blood;

It adds the supernatural, actually gives a way for BJ to live after New Order ends AND even allows Doom to connect “in the future timeline.”


Sorry to say your opportunity has passed. The Alpha was this last weekend. :frowning: There may be another in the future but you may need to wait until the Beta.

Back on to OP: I loved The New Order. I should pick up Old Blood at some point, but it’s not a super huge priority right now with all the stuff I already have.
I definitely agree that despite the criticism it gets Doom3 was still one if my favorite games of all time. Like the other Doom games, even though the graphics are no longer shiny and new, the design still looks really fantastic, and the whole game just feels great.
As far as the Alpha goes, I’m under a non-disclosure agreement (it’s required to accept the NDA to get in, and failing to uphold said NDA may leave me subject to bans and “further legal action”) so I can’t say much, but I will say this;
All of you guys need to go buy it (Doom4) ASAP.

I knew it STARTED on Friday, but jeez what sense does a weekend-long Alpha make? I figured it’d be around at least a week or so. Are you able to say whether it was single player or multi-player?

I’m guessing they are happy to exclude this phrase from the NDA. :grinning:

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Multi-Player. I can tell you what’s already been said in the media; Quake Arena style combat, fast movement, skill based weaponry, power ups, tele-fragging, melee finishers, and at least 3 Thanksgivings worth of gibs

LOl…that was funny!

If you just bought wolfenstein the new order you still gonna have acces to the beta. For acces to the alpha you did have to buy the game before 26 may 2014. anyway the alpha was old school fun.I really liked it. no lag at all, it ran very smooth. the beta will be in januari or februari. ;).
ps nobody was allowed to record gameplay of the alpha so you gonna have to wait till the beta. not so long anymore.


I played the Doomalpha as well and I can tell you that ***** ** ******** *** ** ****** ***** ********** *** **** ** *** ******* ******** ****!


How insightful! :scream_cat:


Pinky Demon catapult, eh? Is that a spawn weapon, or a well-fought-over map weapon?


Update: Beta should be going live today!

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I got my email, so I’ll be able to try it out with you guys. If you’re interested.

I know I have at least @Fwufikins on my friends list, but feel free to let me know if you guys want to play it together.

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