Doom 2016 music would fit KI3 perfectly!

I was just listening to this and its pretty badass, along with the entire ost, but i’m getting that ki3 season 1 vibe from it (it could almost be an alternative fulgore theme) would love for more heavy stuff like this from AP and celldweller, hell even if we could get new music for old characters like this as alternative tracks for the game, anyone else listened to the music and though the same thing?


Mick Gordon is the composer of latest DOOM music. He is also responsible for KI S1 & S2 music so it’s not that odd you’re getting a season1/fulgore vibe from the Doom soundtrack.

I actually think Mick declined working on S3 because he was busy with Doom and wanted to move on to new stuff. (this is pulled from memory, I could be wrong. But I think it was something like that)

Anyway I think Celldweller and Atlas done a great jobb following Mick so far. Even though all my favorites tunes come from Mick. New Gargos track is sick and they really nailed Rash theme IMO.


oh, i didn’t realise it was mick doing the doom ost! i’ve always love celldweller since the 90s early 2000s so not calling his stuff bad by any means :smiley:

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It’s cool man. I never thought you were trashing dweller or atlas. Just wanted to inform you about mick gordon and the doom music so you could understand where the vibe came from :slight_smile:

Mick always the master in some form or another. Lol

I do get a Fulgore vibe from this song as well.

and THAT is what you call music mastery.

I just can’t.

Mick is godlike. I miss hearing what his version of Kim Wu would have been:(

I wonder if he got the job at ID from his work on KI3

Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m thinking of maybe doing a montage/fight with doom music, but what track and who would you like to see fight in it?

Fulgore and mira would be pretty cool, would have to be one of the more up tempo tracks though. Or a slower track with aganos and thunder

I bought Doom day 1 just because of Mick doing the OST I didnt care if the game was awful that dude just makes legendary music that I will always support and lucky enough the game turned out to be fun as hell too

any suggestions for tracks for each would be good as then can get to work

Doom is so freaking awesome. I’ve beaten it twice…

Notice the title screen looks a lot like KI Season 1’s title screen too.

the moment i discovered that mick gordon did the doom soundtrack, i instantly thought “now i have to buy this game”. didn’t regret it one bit

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