Doodles (comic series?)

I’m not the best at math, pretty far from it actually. So, something that always helped me was taking notes then typing them. One faithful winter day, but not so winter because Colorado is bipolar, I left my notes on my desk and went to the restroom. Well, with @oDragonSpirit being an artist and all, this happened.

Cinder: Jago and Kim, sittin’ in [a] tree!
Jago (thought bubble): Immature much… that’s why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
Kim: Bleh!
Rash: 'Sup losers!

We laughed quite a bit at the cuteness and hilarity of how other characters would act in a manga. So we thought why the heck not, let’s make some comics! Maybe the community would be interested. :relaxed:

Unfortunately, I would only mainly contribute in the writing/editing portion of the manga (which is nothing :joy:) as Dragon does almost all of the heavy-lifting. Wish I knew how to draw well-enough to help but alas my brain is incapable of learning lol. Also, because time constraints and assuming people want to see it, it will be a bit before the first comic is finished, but if anyone really wants to see something we can post some updates - nothing that will spoil the final piece of course.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
:sweat_smile: needless to say I’m a fan of this idea. I love stuff like this man, just gets to me. It’s adorable. No pressure on time and stuff, we all get life gets busy, but I eagerly await any progresses! Really happy to see Cinder there too lol he’s the best :yum:


LOL That is really cute. Nice @oDragonSpirit!

I’d support something like this.

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Thanks ninja, I will try to work on them when I have time :relaxed: