Don't Reset Ranked for Killers (New Players mixed with Veterans)

This was ultimately a bad idea. Its not because I woke up and found I wasn’t a killer anymore, but rather putting the killers back in contention with less skilled players simply is not fair. Also the fact that you did it at such a crucial time when new players are coming in is very unfair. now instead of them learning the game with other people who are new, they are being mixed in with veterans who are much better at the game. This should not happen.

EDIT: Kiets had this to say on NeoGaf, so it looks like we are all good :slight_smile:

"There are no future full-ranking resets planned. The monthly resets are just the scores in the Killer ladder, which is part of the monthly race for Top 32.

Be sure to follow @8BitBeatdown on twitter. The first KI World Cup online qualifier is today, featuring 174 players, and the top 16 is streaming tonight."

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Most veterans didnt qualify in bronze like all the newbies. The reset was fine everyone gets the same shot when I first started and was in qualifiers I faced a killer (bs if you ask me) it could be worse.

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I do agree with that. Noobs will be placed with other noobs after qualifying. None the less, its still a harsh world to live in with those first 10 games.

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Is ranked. That means it a competition. There will be ppl better. If you just want to play then go to exhibition.