Don't repeat past mistakes, PLEASE advertise Steam release somehow

You state that you are getting really close to Steam release, but as always with KI, there are almost no media coverage except for FGC news sites.

Please do some kind of commercial, put it on KI official and Microsoft/Xbox/whatever channel for more exposure, make advertisement in Steam news pop up, etc.

Because right now it feels like only this forum communty knows about it.


Steam will advertise the release itself to those who have fighting games in their libraries. That’s just how it works, valve takes a cut so it’s in their best interest to sell games as best they can.

Similarly one of the best things you can do is to just play the game or leave it up when you’re doing something else on the web. A lot of free marketing happens when people just look at their fiends list and see the games their friends are playing.

The gaming news outlets plus some of the larger fighting community names like Maximillian and Brandon Alexander have already posted things about KI coming to steam and being crossplay so they’ve gotten some free marketing there as well.

Anyways, my point here is while I agree initial launch could have probably used a larger marketing budget, in this iteration I don’t see there being that much to gain. The best thing they can do is invest their resources in insuring a smooth steam launch. Nothing will hurt the game more than if the game releases on steam and has a bunch of negative steam reviews.


My main concern is how new games on steam get covered up by other new games so quickly these days; you simply can’t rely on being spotted by browsers unless it’s on the top sellers list or featured on the storefront.

And with promoting it as fans, I’d personally flaunt not only the crossplay but also that it’s a fantastic fighting game and has basically a generous free trial. I find it can be hard to persuade fg players to try to try an unfamiliar fg, especially one with a combo system known to be unusual.

Well make sure you give it a glowing review on steam if it merits such a review once it drops.


3 years to late to expect a difference in this game with a port lol


I have heard from many people that they would love to play KI but they dont like xbox and win10.

With Steam release there is a big chance for considerable playerbase increase.


You know what would be a awesome tool in advertising KI on Steam? MS’s wallet.

Then again, it’s rare (least where i see TV/Ads) where if a game is getting press that it’s a fighting game. So if it’s going to get advertising and support, it’s going to come from the same source if the game is not named SFV. Players.

Might’ve been nice to have an award or two to flaunt as well, if some half broken, half malware game hadn’t bamboozled the market. :slight_smile:

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This. I also know people interested as well. I hope they get the game.

Tbh I feel MS doesn’t care much about the game, and specially they doesn’t care about their consumers in my country either. The conmunity is really small compared to Sony and well, they still don’t care to change that. If you go to a game store and ask for Xbox games they 'll tell you “nobody plays that, buy a PS4”. Oh my…

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I agree on statement that MS does not do everything in their power to advetise KI…

But on the other hand they gave greenlight for crossplay between three platforms. It’s really confusing what to think about it.

tbh everyone wants to play new games this game belong to 2013 year so people don’t want to invest for the old games. i will buy the game definitely. Devs. mistake they didin’t release the steam version from beginning that’s their mistake. there is no way to challange steam platform unless you have a really good game like WoW/Heartstone/Overwatch if you understand what i mean! I do enjoy using windows 10 thanks to it i found KI for PC. KI almost 5 year old people may think KI 4 might coming soon lets skip this game. Well we already know there is no season 4. KI 4 not necessary because many online games stay same and best part is they are able to add new characters! Like i said you need say promise something to steam users for the investment.

I feel like KI is the game that tests out most of Microsoft’s features. They don’t advertise the game itself but they always have KI lead with a new feature. Arena tournaments? Arena tournaments started with KI. By advertising Arena, they indirectly advertised KI. Steam crossplay? KI is going to be Microsoft’s flagship for that at the moment. Microsoft doesn’t advertise KI that well directly. They advertise features. Those features advertise KI. Tell someone about arena tournaments and KI is pretty much mentioned a lot. Steam/Xbox Live Crossplay? Might be the same thing.

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I’m one of those people, I have the f2p version on win10, plan to buy the steam version.

They’ve used KI to sell Dell laptops and Spiderman, they should use some of that vast marketing budget to sell one of their games (particularly as this game won’t feed into other sales on their platform as it isn’t on their platform anymore). Maybe put the game’s name in the advert this time too.

Likely nothing major will happen though, and I think this is because MS marketing throw a fit over anything to do with KI because they object to promoting it specifically with that name. Promoting other more violent games is less of an issue because they can be coy about it, but “Killer Instinct” doesn’t have the same leeway (even though the game itself is less violent and only gets a teen rating compared to the M rated games they will promote).

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The Dell one, not too sure.

The Spiderman one though? The name was there, but it was the gunmetal silver logo mixed in with a black background part of some stage that made it hard to notice immediately.

Ah I see it now, always missed it until this point.

I don’t think any game ever has advertise getting ported to steam. Just an announcement and some news coverage but never a large marketing push.

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