Dont forget the free games Dungeon Siege 3

last night to download this bi-monthly free game

Dungeon Siege 3

for xbox live gold members and xbox 360 owners

tomorrow should start a new set of games

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No need to remind me - I get everything on the 1st and 15th of every month (both 360 and on the One) and have been since the beginning of the Games with Gold program. It’s the reason why I have well over 300+ 360 games and 100+ One games. :slight_smile:

…and I’m currently enjoying Van Helsing this morning. :wink:

I missed dirt3 so I hope there is announcement of Forza Horizon soon

I get most of them but ran out of room…now that I have the 3TB Seagate expansion…I can load it up.

I have a 1TB how do I move the ForZa demos to the TB drive

Even if I run out of space, I still “attempt” to download them, since it puts it into your purchase history. Basically, even if you don’t have room, get it anyways, because you can always download it again later when you do have space. Never let space be the reason you miss out on a free game when it comes to the Games with Gold promotion.

Ahhh your right! I didn’t think about that! I actually did that with Dungeon siege! I DL and was sitting int the “ready to install section”…I still haven’t installed it.

thank man, great idea!