Dojo mode

I think that dojo mode should be updated to include the new features like more air juggles the air combo and counter breaker stagger and those things you could use shago as the practice character since he is similar to jago and has all of that stuff

Thinking back at it not shago because he doesn’t have a flip out

Dojo mode or a trial mode for every character should of been done since the start online training mode too so you can teach friends

I really wish this would happen as well. I have a friend of mine that is just getting into KI and it’s kind of hard to show him all that I know without the perks of being in training mode (refillable life bars, no timer, different options like full instinct/shadow meter, etc)

Dont think dojo mode or online training would require to much work at this point im sure max or anyone on the team could throw it together fast

Yeah an online training mode as well as a dojo for each character would be good but at the very least dojo needs to be updated to have the newest mechanics

Please! I want all of the above!


I’d be ok with not having a dojo for every character, but I really think they should redo the Dojo to introduce stagger, recapture and all that stuff. It’s really outdated I think.