Does your dog or cat do anything weird/funny?

Here are a few rather weird AND funny things my dog currently does at home and outside of the home but primarily at home:
Stiffing bums/butts to which I’ve given a nickname to: Bum/Butt-Stiffer.

Stiffing the crotch area on now-daily basis particularly when he got older starting at around a year old to which (again) I’ve given him another nickname: Crotch-Stiffer.

Likes to bite, chew, chomp, nip, and tear just about EVERYTHING he can get his mouth on which includes our clothings and even our extremities (including feet and toes).

Developed this habit/routine of getting AND dragging certain articles of clothing so he can used them as his very own version of a bed matting and at the same time as a blanket whenever we go out leaving him all by himself at home.

Teething/mouthing us particularly WHENEVER we pet as well as play with him.

Sometimes biting AND holding onto the edge/corner of our pant leggings.

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