Does Shadow Lords worth the trade off of four stages?

I think so. This mode is fantastic! But at the same time, I’m a little disappointed by the fact that Rash, Mira, General RAAM & Eyedol didn’t get their stages during Season 3. I also expected more stage ultras for Season 3 stages.

I don’t think it was just Shadow lords that killed our character stages, things like the lighting “overhaul” probably had a hand in sapping funds away from the stages we desperately desire.

Well, my opinion is certainly going to be very unfavorable.

My honest opinion is that I was never as distraught as a majority of folks were over the loss of stages. We have a great handful of stages that are beautifully unique alongside music and stage relighting. More than enough considering not every fighting game is designed with stages reflecting each individual characters.

Sure, the extra stages would have been nice to match with each character but it is by means something I will dwell over, especially when characters still have their music made.

Whatever the reason and “extra reasoning” behind the loss of remaining was, I am more than satisfied with something like Shadow Lords.


If this was Mortal Kombat, I’d say no. But since the stages in KI serve no technical purpose, I’m happy with the decision. I’m loving Shadow Lords so far. I haven’t put the controller down until now.

Actually the money that would have been used for the stages went towards the extra development time it took to make sure Rash’s taunt had loopable thrusting. Definitely worth the trade imo.

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I’m fine with the trade we got, in the end we still got incredible, fun content. Even though I’d love every character to get a stage, we already have a lot of stages in the game. Aside from Shadow Lords and re-lighting, I’d also bet that Eyedol was more expensive to make compared to other characters due to him needing extra work, he’s essentially 1.5 characters worth of work.

I’m fine with it. I don’t even play on all the existing stages as it is. We already have tons. Really impressed with the official launch of shadow lords too compared to how it was in early access,

I mean I find it hard to see how it can cause an issue with fans when we 4 new stages, new lighting, new mimic skins and an expansive single player campaign with an added MP mode. Also it looks like omen and shadow jago will be getting accessories finally. IG and MS have done a great job imo.

Some of us don’t care at all about single player campaign modes in a fighter. I would rather have more stages myself. But, more stages would mostly be a selling point to core fg players, and that’s a much smaller group than casuals that would play Shadow Lords. I can see why the decision was made from a business standpoint.


I’m happy with the current number of stages

Would I prefer more? Of course!

But not important to me.

Also, some people are incredible… Astral plane its the least appearing stage, with no ultra effects, no dynamic effects… nothing. And everybody likes it because its one extra stage.

I’m sure that if they add one extra stage being a version of Sadira stage, but with locust instead of Sadira’s assasins, and a cropser instead the spider, people would be extremely happy.

My point it’s that some people prefers quantity over quality. I prefer quality, and the current stages have it. I would add more effects to astral plane (flying omens, background minions, stars collapsing during ultra…) than a new stage

Awfully strong words you’re shoving in our mouths.


Not at all I have had access 2 sl 4 a while and I have to say it’s a waste of time. It’s very boring to me and I’d rather have something like a dojo 4 all characters instead of this… since we couldn’t have new stages 4 all.

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ya man. dojo specific characters would be way more useful than shadow lords. more than likely the engine isn’t designed to easily add selectable characters in that mode. if it could it would likely cost more money and divert even larger resources away from the game were they able to modify it.

we all have hopes and dreams for things we enjoy but sometimes things just don’t work out. there’s people who want a story and people who want ultimates. but the devs choose the path of the most benefit for the widest audience all with being mindful of budget constraints.

meh, I really just don’t care anymore really, but not in a negative fashion. just excepting

True. I stopped caring many months ago I only signed up 4 early access for the stage. But it’s so very unappealing to me I can’t even get thru the mode to fight the for said stage lol. And I hear u on they took a more universal approach but these type of modes have alays been cannon fodder they shouldn’t expect this to really keep many interested in between seasons I don’t see the so called infinite replay value either. Just my 2 cents I don’t particularly have a problem with the mode’s inclusion ijs resources are valuable and whoever had this idea didn’t think it thru IMHO it seems like they r looking to attract the minority at the expense of the majority. Because ultimate’s or u know just fixing the smaller stuff like retros would’ve went a longer way, how bout just adding extra stage ultra 2 a s1 stage or smaller visual tweaks. I doubt we’ll be talking about shadow lords n 90 days.

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I’m having a hard time figuring out how people could prefer stages to a full blown, and extremely deep game mode. We already have over 20 stages. There’s some really nice variety in there too. I don’t see how the idea of Mira fighting in front of a castle or whatever tips the scales toward even more stages over a huge mode like SL.

But that’s just me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the stages they’ve made thus far and I really do hope that Mira and Eyedol get their own stages at some point. I’d also love to see a few classic stages get modern upgrades (Cinder, Sabrewulf and Spinal from KI and Kim Wu, Gargos and Tusk from KI2 plz!), but over a single player story experience with all of this stuff you can unlock and the fact that it’s designed to be played through multiple times?

If the @developers want some feedback, how about this: I downloaded 3.4 while watching my Bears lay a big fat egg against Eagles and started Shadow Lords up at 10:30pm. Figuring I’d play for a few minutes before heading to bed since I’d been up since 5am, I was exhausted.

And yet… I played SL for 3 hours last night and it felt like 20 minutes. I haven’t had an experience playing a game like that in a while, where I was practically exiting the room with the controller because I didn’t want to put it down. I didn’t want to turn the game off. I just wanted to play one more match, get one more card pack, one more item, see one more cut scene or get one more bit of story, etc.

This feels so deep, so expansive, and I honestly came very close to calling in to work today just so I could play it nonstop. I think I may have dreamt about it last night lol. I really hope they keep adding more stuff to the game. More skins to unlock, maybe accessories as well, more consumables, more guardians, more story bits, maybe even another stage or two, just… more everything. I can already see that there’s a ton in there already and like a great book, I still almost feel compelled to experience a little at a time because I don’t want it to end.

I love KI’s stages, but this is something completely different. It’s like Edge Master Mode from Soul Calibur crossed with… I don’t even know what, but it’s awesome.

Oh and as others have said, I believe the stage relighting had more of a hand in losing a few stages this season, plus the fact that stages seem to be a bit less of a priority given how many we already have (and presumably their time/cost). I don’t think it was a situation of Shadow Lords or more stages, even if SL may have played a small role.

Anyways, here’s hoping we still get those stages at some point, but right now, I’m much more focused on SL and what we have, than what we don’t. :slight_smile:

Way to overreact.

The vast majority of players on the forums want the missing character stages. :\

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Want can mean a great many things. Would I want them? Sure. Have I accepted that IG had different plans in mind and that it’s petty to keep whining? Also sure.

And overreaction? That’s the stage-whining pot calling the kettle black.

I wasn’t trying to shove anything down your mouth, simply speaking for the majority of like-minded posters here who have shown an overwhelmingly strong desire to get the missing stages back. Hence where my overreaction comment came from. I’m not saying you want stages or “shoving it down your throat” either. I said “we” as in the group that agrees with me, if you’re not part of that demographic it didn’t apply to you.

Yeah but you can see where he got that idea, right? All you said was “probably had a hand in sapping funds away from the stages we desperately desire.” You didn’t qualify the statement at all to indicate anything other than what it sounded like, which was that you were speaking for everyone and not just people that agree with you. Perhaps you implied it, though again, I can see why others might interpret it without the implication.

No big deal though.

However, I’d be curious to know just how strong that desire is among the like-minded majority now that we’ve had a long time to digest the news about the stages and had a chance to see the fruits of the reapplied labor.

I tend to get more of a vibe that people would like to have those stages at some point down the line, but is it still an “overwhelmingly strong desire,” as you put it? That’s just me reading comments here and there, which is obvoiusly anecdotal research within a small pool of more vocal fans of the game.

I’m hoping for some DLC stages, whether it be classic stages or Mira and Eydol’s stages, but I wouldn’t describe the desire as overwhelming, like I need it to happen. It’d be cool though, but that’s just me and me alone.

I think so. We got this elaborate and fun story. Could use more character cut-scenes for folks like Riptor but oh well. Even so I like it.

Also @xCrimsonLegendx don’t get me wrong dude but I honestly am not upset by three missing stages. I’d much prefer Ultimates but hopefully that’s a bridge the devs will actually cross with the polls come next season (assume there will be a next season) I personally think for the time certain characters at the moment can easily fit in stages shared by other characters for the best example: RAAM can be in Orchid’s stage and Mira fits easily in Wulfs stage because she’s a transylvanian themed non-human so there’s that.

Would I mind them adding more stages? Nope but there’s already so much I think it’s time they took the back seat to flesh out other features in the game. I don’t shadow lords had anything to do with the lack of stages either. I think the relighting we got was where that went to. The question people might be asking is: Are the stage RELIGHTING worth it?

I’m with @Iago407 to. Playing the hell out of it right now. My brother and I are actually taking turns with our mains and kicking some ■■■ together!

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for me definitely not, shadow lords will be beaten and forgotten soon, and overall its just a grind and not overly fun to go back to

while extra stages would have made every other mode in the game better for the lifespan of the game

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