Does Netherrealm owe me some kudos?

So I’ve been playing injustice 2 the past couple days, and after getting a decent grasp of things, I feel like I might be owed some props. I have repeatedly posted my ideas for expansion to KI’s gameplay since season 1 ended and I swear to you, it’s like someone at NRS came to the KI forums to look around and saw my ideas a couple of years back.

Check out this link to one of my more recent copypastes of my ideas and tell me, is it arguable?

Note, this is not saying that I think that I a.m. some gaming god with golden ideas, the similarities just make me question if it could have happened.

Check this out: RPG element ideas

I feel like this should probably be in Off Topic and under the I2 thread already there.

And that being said, probably not. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but game development cycles are pretty long periods of time. I’m almost positive they were already working on Injustice 2 right before they released MKX, if not earlier. So the idea for the gear system likely predates your threads.

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I mean, Soul Calibur 4 did it first, so probably not