Does it feel like manuals are slowly being phased out?

Feels like autos are more encourage over time

I don’t think so. Autos are simply easier to use. In truth you SHOULD be using both. I always use Autos if I get a lock out, but I use manuals to get to that lockout.


you need a healthy combination or you become really predictable, and it also helps that manuals are the best way to adapt to different players and styles, even with the same characters as your opposition


Not at all.

Nope. I agree with every one else keep it 50/50

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For me it depends on the opponent. If they know how to break well then autos are reserved for lockouts, but if I can auto double without getting broken consistently, I will auto double. It also depends on the character for me. Some characters have more ambiguous doubles and linkers animations which make them harder to break, thus I rely less on manuals with these chars. As others have said, at the highest levels of play you usually see a combination of the two.

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I do agree that I am seeing manuals less often in competitive play, not sure why though…

Since S3 dropped and the Hit stop was changed…its easier to drop a combo due to attempting a manual. IMO its easier to drop a combo period due to the fact that light attacks and autos feel much shorter on hit stun.

I for one try to manual almost after every linker. this makes sure the opponent cant react and absolutely must guess. But in turn i have a higher percentage of possibly dropping the combo.

Players using less manuals can only benefit the ones who do use them. This means less people will be used to seeing them and therefore will not have an answer for your manual game.

Keep practicing them and use them as often as possible.

I saw plenty of manuals in the Combo Breaker tournament.


I main Jago and honestly I feel he is one of the easiest to counter as far as auto doubles… when you apply strategic manuals, your chances increase

Please let us know why it is that you feel this way - otherwise there’s very little basis on which to discuss your OP.

I’m seeing plenty of manuals out in the wild and in tournies. Maybe you’re comparing to S1?

To boot - the S3 characters feel easy to manual with to me, Mira especially after her (easily breakable) punch linkers.

im seeing the same too.

In competitive play breaking linkers happens way more than break attempts on manuals or autos.

Linkers are always a 33% guess if you break on the first hit and 50% if you break on the second hit of a linker. The chance of getting counter broken is pretty low - so its a valid guess option.

Im starting to break more linkers now too… the Ads are getting to hard to read. Like Hisako, Kim Wu, Arbiter… their ADs are harder to read than others since they use a weapon…but looking for the Heavy linker is much easier IMO

Hisako and Mira players will likely try to counter-break on linkers; Hisako because people love to try to mash-break her influence linker, and Mira because her punch linkers are wide-open like barn doors.

But yeah - linkers are often a better bet if we’re going to attempt a guess-break.

Why do you feel that way?

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You can actually break some medium linkers on reaction. I was asking Rico about this because I was watching him break a lot of medium linkers. I’m not sure if this is universal across all characters linkers but there are heavy linkers that have a specific audio Cue separate from the Medium and the Light, so if you don’t hear the Heavy Audio Cue and the linker hits more than once you know it’s a medium and can reaction break it. So if you’re at that level of breaking linkers it’s more like 50% to break lights 100% to break Mediums and Heavies.

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Ive noticed you can actually break the linkers just after the last hit. Medium and Heavy of course.

Juggle manuals are more improtant than ever, but yeah grounded combo manuals have taken a bit of back seat and I personally like it.

Yeah. Depends on the linker, but definitely possible. Good examples of some of the easier medium linkers to break are Jago laser sword, Hisako ORZ, Kim Wu’s firecracker, and Wulf’s ragged edge. For characters you’re really familiar with, sometimes you can get by with “hit more than once, and doesn’t look/sound heavy” reaction breaks to medium linkers. :-p

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I Disagree. Manuals are very used at med and hig level , just look at any top 16 on any event. you can see a lot of them .

Sometimes it feels like manuals not worth it and one mite be able to just win using autos doubles.was trying to understand how good are manuals compared to autos .