Does anyone play Skullgirls online anymore?

I just got Skullgirls about a week or two ago and I cannot find an online match for the life of me. Is there perhaps a best time of day to try and find a game, or is the online scene simply done after being out for so long?

I just got the game a couple days ago (2nd Encore) and I have a hard time finding lobby’s but quick match and ranked usually work fine…but I get slaughtered lol

are you using Xbox or Playstation? I am on Xbox and Haven’t found a single match since I got the game.

I am on PS4. Quick Match is probably your best bet since I assume there are no specifics to who it finds for you to fight.

I’m on PC, haven’t played probably 6months or so, bit if crossplay works (don’t remember) my SteamID is MORNINGTIME.

I haven’t touched it in ages. I play solo and the game is clearly not optimized for that. I don’t much care for the new characters, and I think they wonked balance. I am tired of Fukua and Big Band being over-represented, and I think there’s a cult of personality surrounding MikeZ such that if he says something it becomes gospel… which is annoying even though I agree with him on a lot of things.

That said, if you are on PC, I’d gladly run through a set with you.

Steam: qspec

I play skullgirls on PC as i figured thats where most of the Skullgirl community is on.

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Skull girls is awesome if I could ever draw myself from Kim & others I could enjoy it- I got it on Ps4 and also the crew I love that game. I added injustice and DCUO which kept all of my progress from 2012 by the way awesome

Edit oh wow I see the crew is free the last half of June. It’ll be cool to have it on both systems I guess