Does anyone here hunt

Also what exotic meats have you had?

I don’t hunt yet but I would like to in the future. As far as meats, I’ve had:


I am not a hunter myself, but I do fish a lot and could probably add much more to this if we were talking about fish lol I have caught and eaten many types of fish

Anyway in terms of meat I haven’t had much out of the ordinary, I have had deer a few times and one time back in high school my friend had Rabbit which I tried and wasn’t a fan of, practically ruined my whole day :joy:

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That’s cool chat away lol. Fishing is sort of like hunting. I’ve only fished a handful of times hardly catch anything besides throw backs.

Oh man I love fishing. Me and my best friend were like fishing nerds back in the day. I haven’t done as much in the past 2/3 years as id like but throughout middle and high school I went all the time. Anyway for salt water my list of fish I have caught at least once is…

Sheepshead (My favorite fish to catch) Look these guys up, they have little people-like teeth. They are a chore to catch, but they put up a hell of a fight for their size and i’s very rewarding when you finally hook one and bring it in get lol
Spadefish (A close 2nd)
Blacksea bass
Red Drum
Black Drum
Spanish Mackerel
Speckled Trout/Weakfish (I get them confused sometimes lol)
Blue Fish
Striped Bass/Rockfish
White Perch
Atlantic Needlefish
Oyster Toadfish (I hate these damn things with a passion lol)
A few small sharks (Sand, small hammerhead, Dogfish)

There are probably some I forgot and many more I want to catch some day like Cobia, Tarpon, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Tuna ,Snapper, Marlin etc but these are fish I can’t catch where I currently live unless I get a huge boat or take a charter or something lol

For freshwater I haven’t caught near as many different types of fish, kind of your regular run of the mill stuff

Largemouth bass
Black and White crappie
Chain Pickeral
Catfish (blue, channel, and flathead)
Many different sunfish (Bluegill, pumpkinseed, warmouth, redear sunfush etc. but they are all pretty similar anyway lol )
And I caught a carp with my hand one time lol

Kind of funny, I have never caught a smallmouth bass before, and I really want to catch a Peacock bass but they aren’t native to where I live at the moment.

Anyway I just realized I kind of did a mini rant/drawn out post lmaoooo

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Holy cow dude that’s a lot of fish. I like croaker, bass, flounder, and perch. I want to try snapper SO BAD. Salmon, but it depends on how it’s cooked. My favorite of all time is trout. :yum:

Oh btw…I had no clue such thing existed… :joy::joy:


Oh yeah dude those are all good fish! I love breading up some flounder or Croaker and deep frying it lol

I have never gotten to catch a Salmon before but I would love too! They are delicious too :slight_smile: And same here man, I want to catch and try Snapper so bad haha Trout is delicious too! I have only had saltwater trout though, I hear the freshwater ones caught in streams/rivers are even better!

Lmaooooo that ones teeth are way messed up! They usually aren’t that bad lol They are really fun because they will sit down there and pick and nibble at your bait with those teeth, so hooking one is challenging, but it’s so fun when you do. They also mainly have a shellfish diet and taste awesome too! Same with Spadefish :slight_smile:

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Drools ah yes!! Hush puppies man I’m getting hungry lol. think the trout was freshwater it was really good.

Found a better picture but I would be scared to put my hand near their mouths. The spadefish are beautiful I didn’t know that’s what they were called. Those teeth though. Shudders.


@TheNinjaOstrich OMG ARE YOU ALIVE!? xD


Lmaoooo they are so goofy looking but they are awesome! Spadefish are too! So fun to catch, and they are a pretty fish. Grey Triggerfish are kind of similar to them, not as pretty but still an awesome fish :slight_smile:

Yeah I hear the freshwater trout are amazing, I need to go somewhere where I can catch some sometime lol

Lots of hunting here in Louisiana! Damn Duck Dynasty warehouse is just down the street from my house. I’ve been Deer hunting, Squirrel, Rabbit, Dove, …plenty of Fishing. I’ve been trapping in Arkansas…Coyote, Beaver, Bobcat, Raccoon…all kinds of stuff. You wouldn’t believe what they do with the coyotes…oh man.

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Someone told me bobcat taste like pork same with mountain lion. Is this true?

I want to try raccoon unfortunately not to common in my area. :-/

I haven’t eaten Bobcat…only set traps and followed the prints. We never caught the Bobcat… but caught the other animals.

We were trapping for there furs and other uses. The anal glands in a beaver go for high dollar. They are used to make a lot of the “natural flavoring” you eat all the time. I believe its used as a berry flavoring of some kind.

Beaver anal glands? The only thing I can think of its the “good stuff” that comes of the dogs. :confounded:

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yep its true…beaver anal glands sale for high dollar and are in a lot of food products.
I dont think I’ve eaten Raccoon before… they are kind of nasty. We eat a lot of Deer here… I have a ton in my freezer. I love cooking fried deer steaks…mmmm

Awesome show I just discovered while in the hospital…Mountain Men on History channel…its kind of slow…but its really interesting watching these people survive and live off the land without all the things we take for granted every day. Its crazy!

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Dude in the hospital? You okay?

I agree most people todaytl take a lot of things for granted especially our food sources.

yeah Im ok, I had my appendix taken out and a small hernia repaired last Wednesday. Just recuperating and taking it easy. Really just my cuts and muscles that are sore and healing.

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A lot of my time growing up was spent hunting and shooting with my dad. If not him, usually my uncles or my grandpa.
Mostly quail. I’ve tagged along for dove when I was like 6, and I got drawn for javelina one year, but here in Arizona the little feather heads are usually as good as it gets. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hoping to put in more now that I’ve got my own weaponry. Also got a fishing pole I’ve yet to use since my license expired. Need to hop on over to WalMart and take care of that.

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@FallofSeraphs76 get well and take it easy.

@Fwufikins lol lucky about the weapons, hence one of my reasons for waiting. You a bow or rifle person.