Does any1 want to play a set? Gamertag: Counter king

This is a group chat where anyone can play sets with each other

where are you from? I was just searching for Ranked and gave up after no matches for half an hour, if the connection’s good I wouldn’t mind playing.

NY east coast

Is it close enough?

sorry mate, other side of the world for me. someone’s bound to be online though.

lol ok

No matches after half an hour? Same here. Can’t find any at all.

do u want to play a set @Sasuke99I ?

I don’t mind. Let me thrn on my XB1 in a minute

So how’d it go, Sasuke? CK’s skill puts me on edge every time I fight him. :wink:

He wrecked me. Those set ups though. I learned a lot. I will be ready next time. Was not expecting a Shago like that.