Does a black and white logo coloring possibly point toward new content on the horizon?

Yes, this is absolutely me right now:

I 100% admit that. But is there a chance, even the slightest chance that the new logo coloring we’ve seen with the Steam release could be a sign of something else? Perhaps more content on the horizon?

When Season one came out, we had this:

Everything that came out around season one used this coloring. One could even argue that the disc release, which used red for the lettering and kept the same background behind the characters, stuck to this scheme.

Then came season two:

Everything around Season Two had this coloring.

Then came season three:

Same deal. Even when the PC version came out, there was no individual logo for the PC that I can recall. Why should Steam be different?

Is this logo for Steam only?

Or might this be the start of something new?

Now, logic tells me that it’s just for the Steam release. They’ve had the Season 3 logo for a long time now, and maybe they just wanted something fresh. Plus, it looks badass. Plus (plus), isn’t Steam’s logo black and white? Maybe that’s the reason? Plus plussity plus plus plus, I mean… It’s just a logo, right? Why would it be a big deal if they changed the coloring?

Of course, I’d also ask… Why change the colors of the logo just to release it on Steam when this wasn’t done for Windows 10, something MS actually owns? Also, isn’t the only time they’ve ever really changed the logo coloring when they’re geared up to launch new content? There’s existing precedent, not that this has ever stopped them from going in a different direction before (and not that we should hold them to that, either).

But still, it kinda makes me wonder if this is the start of something. I mean, why spend the time and money to bring the game to a new audience just to release a skin pack or two and call it a day? Wouldn’t you want that audience you’re trying to bring in to spend more money after their initial $40 expenditure?

TL/DR: The black and white logo probably doesn’t mean anything, but the only time they’ve changed the logo colors is when a new block of content was on the horizon. I hope that’s what this means, though it seems unlikely. What do you think?


Its just the season 3 logo in black and white, i wouldn’t get to excited. Probably just them trying to match the bland aesthetic of Steam itself and differentiate it from the existing versions of KI.

That being said, I hope I’m wrong. However they way they have been handling the DE and Steam releases, giving them all of the content up to date just to make sure they’re “complete” and nobody gets their feelings hurt… Its not looking good for more content at this point.

I dunno but it sure as heck doesn’t stand out very well on the Steam new releases page, got the fella to check that page and he didn’t see it right away, it was literally about the fifth entry on the page so it was right in front of his face…

KI logo fade to black and white:



I think it’s just meant to look like smokey steam… nothing more.


You know what this new KI logo reminds me of? The Game Over screen in Final Fight. At this point, I don’t expect much from KI, they’re closing the book on this one methinks. The only thing that “might” come to past is a sequel, which is probably what IG “may” be working on considering they’re comfortable with the 3.9 patch, and we won’t see a new patch in a loooong time…


Man, I hope the color change for the Steam release is a sign that big new things are on the way!


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