Does 3.6 hold the shadow lords crash fix update

Well We will have to just wait and see :confused:

You’re beating a dead horse at this point. They’re working on a fix, be patient.

Injustice just became backward compatible on the X1. Go play that for a while! And when they fix KI Shadow Lords, I promise you that you will appreciate KI that much more.


OMG, you actually did it! xD

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Crossing my fingers for Ultimates but with a cautious hope!

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Ultimates would take a long time to develop. I wouldn’t expect them so soon.

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If not sooner, than CERTAINLY later : p

I’ve already been waiting 20 years…

■■■■■, I old) I guess I can wait a bit longer. Lol!

Seriously though, Ultimates need to get in SOONER than later. I hope they finally got the message.

We got KI2 already though .3. but understandably KI2 does lack some modes but aside from that it’s KI2