Do you want to see a KI vs SF crossover on XB1/PC in the future?

As a fighting game fan, let’s say it’s 2018 well after KI S3 and SFV came out, would you be interested in a crossover of KI with Street fighter series? Please assume this would be new IP exclusively for XB1/PC.

  • Yes, a crossover game with SF developed by MS/IG would be awesome
  • Yes, I am interested but only if Capcom develops the game with their engine
  • Maybe, but only if…
  • No

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Let me know what you think!

Yes I would love to see how capcom would take on the combo system

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I love both games but no.

capcom have always been very good with crossover games

The marvel series is very popular and loved by many
Street fighter x tekken was very good
And the capcom vs snk (specifically 2) is often considered the best fighting game ever

So if they crossed over with KI it could work, the characters kinda fit as well being kinda wacky and goofy in their own regard or out of place. Capcom should develop it; I would never want IG to even thing the idea…I would like that idea for the game and it could make KI more popular like it did with SNK (to an extent)

Ryu vs jago
Fulgore vs M.bison
Glacius vs Blanks

How cool would that be!!!


I’d much prefer KI vs MK but that’s just me. No I really wouldn’t want a Street-fighter vs Killer Instinct. after mvc3 anythin that involves SF fighting everything I think I’d wanna stay away from… that’s frm my experience though.


Maybe an MK works better indeed.

Also, I was thinking that maybe Soul Calibur with its weapon based fighters would be good. Would be interesting to see Kilik Maxi, Talim etc in 2D form.

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Absolutely not. I can’t stand crossover games or guests done “just to do it.” Let two separate games exist, and let them each keep their own identity. You’ll never satisfy both sets of fans properly, and you end up with a poorly received game. The MVC series is the sole exception to this that I can think of.

I like KI.

I like MK.

I like SC.

I like watching SF.

I don’t want any of them to intersect.

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And capcom vs snk to some of us.

At the same time, it’s good to see an overwhelming “no” to a cross over.

Their separate combo systems hinders the existence of this. But if they develop a brand new combo system that intertwines with the two games…

Wouldn’t mind a cameo but not a crossover, we don’t want another Street Fighter x Tekken.

I would love to see this game.

KI vs MK? no, sorry Mk fans.

Wow, nostalgia. Way back when I was a kid I tried to imagine a KI vs. SF crossover.

Killer Instinct vs. Street Fighter: NO THANK YOU. NO THANKS. PASS ON THIS.
Killer Instinct vs. Mortal Kombat: OH YES! OH YEAH! HELL YES! HELL YEAH!


I’d rather see MK V KI. Seems more appropriate seeing as how the original KI had more of a MK tone than a SF tone.


I’d like Juri in KI but that’s it.

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One of the few characters I feel would fit.

I just lost all the respect I had for you. Crossovers suck, but KI vs MKX over KI vs SF. Your opinion is wrong.


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Nope. Not in the slightest. Kind of tired of the obligatory crappy Capcom crossover that most big fighters get.

Personally, I much rather see KI x Tekken in a 2D space to make up for the gem of travesty that was SfxT. Pun intended.

Admittedly I’d of liked to see MK and KI crossover but taking the fightin possibilities into consideration I can’t see any of these working either.