Do you think we'll see Kim Wu's trailer at Kumite tournament?

We’re really tired of waiting! But I’m believe they’ll reveal Kim Wu’s trailer at Kumite tournament.

What makes you think Kim Wu is in Season 3? Those nunhacku will be its own character. Kim Wu will never be in KI hahahahahaha? Seriously I want a other trailer for S3 already.


We have a Kim Wu thread in these very forums. Just sayin’.

Anyway, I think a better time to reveal this trailer would be during the KI World Cup. It’s just a few weeks after KIT anyway.


A Kim Wi thread for her Nunchaku:) Seems about right. A trailer is about to come soon though. Is it for her though? That remains to be seen

I think we are more likely to see something at Frosty Faustings which is a Chicago based tournament, IG is always there and last year that’s where they demoed Omen.

Even if not World Cup is only a week later from that date so we’re bound to get stuff soon enough anyways :slight_smile:

We are BOUND to get information on Kim Wu by E3 or Q4 2016.

That is a certainty.

By then, SFV DLC wave 2 will be out and maybe it will spark some interest, who knows.

I’d say ki world cup. Her trailer should be next. Maybe even debut a couple of trailers cause the launch would be a matter of weeks away