Do you prefer humiliations or respect taunts? Poll

If it was for you to choose, what do you think is better for KI?


  • humiliations
  • respect taunts [/poll]

Respect taunts all the way for me here


Humiliations? I think that’s poor word choice, since in the world of KI a humiliation is a type of finisher. Anyhow, a taunt is supposed to be just that a TAUNT. “respect taunt” is a conflicting term as well. I honestly feel like our community is a little soft, this game is about attitude and flashiness yet everyone gets upset over ultra combos and taunts. If they ever do add ultimates I’m sure people will get upset about having to sit though them as well. :confused:

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While you certainly have a point where terms are conflicted, the point is missed;
Respect Taunt:

Insult Taunt:

Both have their moments… I play both sides of the line though prefer to show respect until overly taunted or steeping Tbags for a friend.

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The point wasn’t missed, I get why people want them I just don’t really see the need. The entire point of the feature is to antagonize your enemy and provoke them into attacking, sure a respectful version would be neat but that kind of defeats the purpose of a taunt. I mean even if you replace Jago’s disgusted head shake taunt with a bow of respect people are still going to see that as a smug taunt and get pissed off anyhow.

I’m not against the idea at all, if they want to add in alternate “taunt” animations that would be sweet, I’m always happy about new content but I don’t really see the need. Perhaps at the end of a match if you press a certain button you could have an alternate win animation that is more geared towards a “GG” instead of an “FU” I guess that would make more sense.

Personally i dont think either are really needed