Do you play other fighting games? Are you doing well in those?

I wish to know if am I the only one who does not have enough brain power to maintain decent skill level at other fighting game than Killer Instinct?

I enjoy KI the most and play it a a lot, almost every day. If I have a lot of work I play at least figurative match or two.

I am also taking tries to get into MKXL again. I spent a lot of time at pointless internet wars for PC port, and when it finally got released, I was already deep into KI and I lost almost all interest in MKX.

I had few itches to get back to MKXL, but I just did not feel the drive to re-learn my mains, tech and matchups, and abundance of characters and variations did not help either. I just felt overwhelmed by huge amount of information to process and the game being at brink of its lifespan.

But when I was starting to get good in MKXL again, my prowess in KI was dropping, so I was ditching MKXL for KI over and over.

I wish to play as much fighting games as I can but I dont like to suck at them, that leads me to stick to one and remaining kinda ignorant on others.

What are your experiences with this phenomenon? How many fighting games do you actively play?

Out of all the fighting games I played, KI is definitely my most played. However when I play games likes Smash and Persona 4 Arena, for some reason I just can’t get into them as much as KI. Because of this, it leads to me having more losses than wins due to my lack of effort and I don’t like that.

I actually haven’t touched KI in a month… but any rust I have can be instantly remedied with 20 minutes of practice in training mode. I feel like I can play my mains Sadira and Mira in my sleep, but after a hiatus Kan-Ra takes a little practice for me to be great with him again.

I’m more of a reaction player, so I prefer playing a lot of fighting games to hone my reflexes. Lately I’ve been playing BlazBlue Central Fiction, Samurai Showdown 5 Special, Melty Blood, Yatagarasu, and Skull Girls.

I was decent in Mortal Kombat 9 and I was pretty high level in SFIV (Chun-li main). I tried SFV and really didn’t like it. The netcode is trash and I’ve run into too many TAS fighters that it makes you wonder if Capcom actually put fail safes to prevent cheating. (One guy would land a hit and then the match would immediately end). Yeah their great about banishing cheaters, but preventing cheating would be best.
I purchased MKX, but honestly after the fluidity of KI’s combo system, MK feels so slow and dial up.

Killer Instinct is really the only fighting game I play now.

I haven’t played MKX in a while. It was just time to put it down for little bit and move to another fighting game before going back. The one I’m playing a lot now is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I’m also watching a lot of pro Tekken matches to get into Tekken 7. Overall, I’d say I’m pretty decent at retaining core fundamentals and mechanics of different fighting games.

I was decent in the fighters I played, but didn’t trained as much as I had in this KI or played the people I played so far.

However…There was a game I didn’t shine but also didn’t do thaaat bad though. It gave me tools to get better at fighters (maybe?)

That game was KoF.
But I have a valid theory: I don’t do well in games I don’t enjoy, no matter how much work I put into them. If I don’t like them it’s not worth it. So I don’t play games I don’t enjoy anymore, at all (even if the games I play are dead). Things got much better after this =)

I don’t even remember how to play KoF and I played it for almost 5 years in a row. I prefer to keep away from it XD (yes, it’s personal).

Those years in my dreamcast and what it was left of the arcades I played a lot of foghters. The one I enjoyed the most was Darkstalkers and some Capcom vs SNK 2.

But right now I’m pretty happy with KI. And this is probably my last fighter I will put this effort into it (you know…Studying match ups, etc… and not just playing for fun but in order to learn something new or to push myself as much as I can). Maybe some day I’ll play KI just for the sake of fun and I’ll enjoy it better XD

I havent been playing games on these days (even KI,yes kill me) but i used to play a lot MK9 and Injustice 1 online and in a good level. I used to play lots of other fg with friends (KOF, SFIV, MvsC, etc).
The only fg that im playing right now is KI and MKX, im also waiting for Injustice 2.

I played MKX for a while, but then I kept running into a bug that erased my profile unlocks every other match and it left a bad taste in my mouth.
Otherwise I’ve only briefly explored other games. A bit of Soul Calibur, a bit of DOA, but only for a few says each.

I’ve been pretty much solely focused on KI as my fighting game of choice. Otherwise I play other genres.

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