Do you like Killer Instinct Interface graphics?

My opinion:
When starting the game, entire interface should be changed. Graphics does not look so good, violet and entire weird color pallette. Killer Instinct 1 and 2 had nice colors and announcer voice was better. I hope these gets improved.

I like them.

I love it.

looks good

That’s exactly why I like better KI over Street Fighter.

KI looks impressive even if full of FX though.

Pallete is good, execution on the other hand… I expected something a lot better, and the HUD elements in-game just got worse in latest updates (“shadow” written on the gauge, those colorful breaker notifications, individual character gauges that have no visual unity whatsoever), not to mention it makes no sense at all compared to the menu interfaces. Select screen could’ve been a lot better, although I don’t feel like it’s ALL that bad when compared to other issues design-wise speaking.

I dont like the amount of Green smoke on character select. I cant see my characters color change all that well. So basically you have to go into the Store to memorize the color line up and then translate that to character select.

If they would just tone down that green smoke cloud it wouldn’t be that bad.

I do enjoy the new interface.

But Green is my favorite color, so I am mad biased here.

I think it could be reduced by about 30 - 50% and still have the same effect they were going for. My wife had the same complaint day one.

As a UI designer myself, I kinda think they are a little too much.
There are some things that bug me, like some S2 leftovers here and there, and that VS screen… I hate the VS text. The KI logo font shouldn’t be used for anything other than the logo itself, it’s just ugly used in any other instance.

I’m cool with the new color palette although I don’t get the gold in the match recap screen.

I would have liked a simplier and cleaner, more refined UI. Maybe it’s just me, I know KI is very 90s and it’s supposed to be bold and in ya face, but as a designer I always look for something functional and elegant.

One of my favorite game UI is Destiny’s, but KI is a much more fun game, so who cares:P

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It is getting more and more consistent for each season, and I appreciate that. The menus and character selection etc are all good, imo. The fonts in the different screens has gotten better with Season 3. So far, I think it’s alright, but it can always be improved upon.

I prefer the metallic style of the first KI, which the title and the VS screen has in the new KI. ^^

Agreed, not remove it but just tone it back so we can see the character and how the color changes. You cant see TJs shirt change, or HIsakos dress, ect…

I don’t want to have to memorize 20+ characters color line ups

@BlitzedKraig @TotalJimkata Hey guys, is this a possibility one day? To tone down the green smoke over the characters body while choosing colors in character select?

Aside from the ugly purple shadows and lvl 4 enders, the new intro is very nice. I just don’t like the character select menu with the jerky animations when selecting a fighter. I’d like the zoom in/out function returned when customizing characters and I find it strange that the sound when you are scrolling through characters in the single player or customizing section is quiet.

yeah man the VS logo is just horrid man, and i agree that they use the “Killer Instinct Font” for everything like the character names for example, i think is not even the same font but a poor version of it.
I much prefer the font used in Season 1 that if im not mistaken you can only see it now on when you are in a game and is used for the character names and gamertags, that font is much cleaner and legible.

I love the green smoke on the character select screen. I think it’s perfect just the way it is.

They chose my favorite pallets! Shades of purple and greens really fit in the odd universe of KI.

The colors are fine. The interface itself though is really outdated. User experience is what needs to be cleaned up.

There are too many sub menus. Training mode should be it’s own mode out side of the single player section that way people who want to try don’t have to dig further coming from MP. Not only that but setting accessories is stuck together with the store which is confusing. Anyone wanting to look for their own costumes or cosmetics would be forced to look for them in the store? Why isn’t there just a customizations option. A lot of details like that are overlooked in the current menus.

User interface is just mediocre but at least it’s better than the front page of this website. Whoever chose that font on the front page needs to read a graphic design book.

I don’t mind the purple…after all the first KI had a purple title background. However I do think it’d be nice if there was some options here. I’d like to be able to choose a seasonal theme. I was kinda partial to season 1’s flames.