Do you have a character(s) in KI that you call a ''Mortal Enemy''

Here’s a topic that i thought would be fun to make.

So in KI i have few characters that i like to call my ‘‘Mortal Enemy’’ so i decited to make a top 5 list for them.
In no paticular order here they are:

1: Jago
4:Shadow Jago

Please write down in the comments your top 5 mortal enemies in KI.

Sadira - she’s the only 1…


1.Hisako, because i saw only one way to counter her.
2.Arbiter, because he’s stylish.
3.Tusk, because he hurts.
4.Kim Wu, because Dragon.

5.Maybe Shago, but i don’t really count him as a mortal enemy since i saw more stupid Shagos than smart Shagos.

6.Glacius, because i only saw ONE good Glacius in the Ladder, excepted one of my friend, who’s good and annoying as playing it lol.

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Sadira! I hate her. So much so that I would love her to be removed from the game, but I know that’s not realistic. But hey, one can dream. :smile:

Orchid. Every time I got into a tournament I got eliminated by someone playing her. Fighting her with Fulgore is infuriating. She is one of his few bad matchups IMO

Riptor :unamused:

Orchid and fulgore, they have DP’s that lead into setup especially in instinct, orchid has the slide that’s completely safe with instinct cats, and fulgore has the best teleport in KI because you can do almost everything out of it.

3.Orchid - Nothing wrong with her, she just really keeps me on my toes.

Everyone else is ok, but if i had to pick my 2 next most annoying match ups, they would be:

  1. Kan-Ra
  2. Cinder
    (Sadira is a close 6th)

Kan-Ra. That is all.

Only mortal enemy I have is Fulgore but that’s only when my brother is playing as him.

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Hisako, she’s the bane of my existence. Whenever I fight her I’m always screwed unless I find out their patterns and punish them.

Every character I encounter that I’m not controlling.


Depends on who I play as:

Fulgore: It’s Sadira. Because she gets to do a widows drop right after throwing her web daggers which means you can’t really punish her without risking it yourself. and since DP motion can be rough to input in tight situations like this it’s not really reliable. Now widow’s drop is even more annoying because she gets to bounce your head with no consequence.

Your best bet is a well timed crouch HP which more or less is risky as all hell but it’s the best option you may have against her. Since really the only way to beat Sadira in this MU is to ground her. But in doing so, you’ll be in the range she benefits the best from. And that’s when she is in the air where none of your projectiles can reach and your best bet is the game’s most complicated stick motion and a punch button to get her without getting hit yourself.

Because of this I do NOT like Sadira. But I do like spiders.

Cinder: It has and always will be Glacius. Glacius has been trouble for the Trailblazing fighter since KI1. But this is mostly cause my brother trolls the ■■■■ out of me with his spammy quick punch bs. In season2 however this MU did feel lopsided for a number of reasons:

1- Glacius can throw hail that you can easily run into if you’re not careful. Making your main mobility tool Trailblazer worthless. This however can be stopped with the use of pyro bombs. Sadly in season three Glacius can throw even more hail which means you’ll likely fall into some if you’re throwing pyro-bombs. If you get hit the bombs go away. So one battle strategy isn’t as viable as it once was.

2- Icicle kicks. This was one of the most annoying things I hated about fighting Glacius. As Fulgore it isn’t so bad cause even though the old H-laser was shortened to being practically useless against Sadira. It was useful to stop Glacius from icicle kick spam. Cinder however would never have this option. However this ONE way to beat Glacius icicle kick but it requires obscure timing and that’s using jumping light kick. While it’s a good option it isn’t reliable because of how strict you have to time it. And that’s IF you can make a good guess on which kick Glacius has.

People always claimed that Glacius back then had weak defenses. But if they hadn’t played Cinder they didn’t know the kind of titan Glacius is against Cinder.

Thankfully in season3 some of the new tools Cinder got can help some against Glacius. In fact Glacius was such a tough character I had dedicated a whole long post explaining how to fight Glacius as Ultratech’s fire shooting employee.

So yeah those are what I consider my mortal enemies. Unlike Glacius however. Sadira is NEVER fun to fight against. And she has gotten even worse to fight against with some of her buffs I don’t like her. But I do have a healthy respect for Glacius.

Uh, mortal enemy not mortar enemy. :smirk:



1: Sadira - I really hate her because she’s always hip hip! I’m really tired of when Sadira jump for many times!
2: Aganos - His chunks is not FAIR! But he’s too hard and stronger than everyone…
3: Maya - (throw daggers) (throw daggers) (throw daggers) (throw daggers) Really?

Orchid is my one and only true enemy. Her attacks are unbreakable!

I am also stuck on this. I just dont get it. She has a move that hits 2-3-and4 times instead of 1-2-and3 times. She can also use multiple linkers in a row (or something like that).

I need to hit the lab with her.

She is the bane of my existance XD

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