Do you feel less people are playing the game?

See Im new to the game and the community, Im coming from USFIV and love KI on its entire.

However, I tend to perceive a bit difference in quorum compared to USFIV and SFV (online) as I dont see those many players on KI…

Dunno if its a different way to manage the online match but when I choose the Lobbie option most of the time I only find one or two best case scenario and always the same people…

I wonder, is the game dyeing or something? Did I arrive too late? Ranked matches are ok but sometimes tyyou want to get into a lobbie for friendly matches and not necessarily sacrifice points.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that on both SF you get a full list of lobbies displayed for you to pick from depending on your preferences, connection quality etc. Here in KI you just do a search and whatever comes seems to be the only option available at the moment.

Do anyone plays Exhibition matches BTW? never tried that one B4 I must admit.

Thank you in advance for your reply

Lobbies are just not very popular in general.

Also, KI’s player base is much smaller than SFV’s simply because SF has the legacy that KI doesn’t. But new players are playing KI all the time, and online is far from barren.


That’s all I play, and occasionally I’ll play a few ranked matches. I imagine many players do the same.

Lobbies are mostly for groups of friends. If you’re looking for matches with random players, Ranked and Exhibition are the much more popular. Especially since ranked has so many achievements related to it.
Games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat enjoy relatively huge popularity among fighting games since they’re such huge household names even outside of the FGC. But Killer Instinct is certainly popular online; apparently around 7 million unique players, according to MS. It never takes egregiously long to find a match, and the netcode is wonderful.

And hey, if you’re ever hungry for some fights, there’s plenty of us here on the forums willing to spar! So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding playmates.


Thanks man! Pls add me when you can I want to improve my game and level up


KI holds pretty well, altough deserves better.


I added you, can always send me an invite if you see me online, if im not available I’ll let you know through smartglass :grin: (Sometimes the wife or kid hogs the xbox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Yes less people play this than they do Street Fighter.

That doesn’t mean the game is dead.

Honestly I never use lobbies, I don’t know anyone who does. It was a feature added late and I don’t get much use out of it.

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More ppl are playing Ki now than ever!

Exhibition and ranked are quite popular…lobbies are not unless its a planned deal between friends. Not many just jump into random lobbies when Exhibition and Ranked are so good.

Messaged you on XBL.

I’d be happy to fight you if you like, give you advice where I can etc and get salty at the ways that the ranked system seems to unintentionally frustrate you with the same characters over and over :smiley:
Good luck with the game though, hopw you like the netcode.

Yeah, sometimes is difficult to find an opponent, but this game is still played by a lot of people, not that much compared to SFV but still people play the game, I mostly play during night-time because my bros. usually play on my WiiU Smash 4 online during afternoon and sometimes during weekends in the morning too.

I really would live to see an official statistic of this like a graph or something of most/average/least players comparing S3, S2 and if possible S1 because I do not believe this for a second.

Imo KI is losing players more than it is gaining atleast AFAIK. Heck, I feel bad for KI once Injustoce 2 and Tekken 7 drop.

Don’t kill me pls

More people are showing up to tournaments…MS knows how many ppl are playing and what the stats are. The answer is pretty simple…if MS thinks there are new players and a growing fan base…then they continue making content. If MS sees the opposite, then they will not continue to support the game.

They are supporting the game more now than EVER. That’s part of the proof you are looking for right there.

If street fighter didnt kill KI…injustice isnt gonna kill KI

What tournaments? Evo?

MS is going to continue making content because this is their only exclusive fighter and thus has atleast a steady solid support base.

Yeah the less than 30 seconds they ever show KI off is evident of that.

Lol SFV didn’t kill KI because it shot itself in the foot and it is only on PS and KI is/was only on Xbox. I never said injustice/T7 would “kill” KI I just said I feel bad for KI. What I meant by that is the undoubtedly mass number of casuals who play KI playing those games more because it is new and superheroes duh.

Lobbies really seem best suited to groups of friends. Nothing like finally getting into a lobby and kicked off you start winning. As above, rank and exhibition are your friends.

Seems you want it to fail?

You ask for statistics yet you support your claims with no statistics either.

I was just at Absolute battle and the KI portion was nearly half the event if not the main event.

Ki World Cup and KI COn? they didnt have those 2 years ago and they only had 1 or them this year. So that shows growth and the fact they know more than we think we do.

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SF5 player base is very small. If we are talking large player base we are talking MKX and Injustice those playerbase on consoles is gigantic for whatever unknown reason

Ah, the power of positive thinking! Now, if only this was the norm…

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KI has seen steady growth in entrant numbers at evo every year it’s been there. Now, as SFV shows, strong tournament numbers don’t necessarily equate to strong online numbers, and I don’t know the online numbers for KI, but just judging on the difference in frequency of matches, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if KI had MORE online players.