Do you believe in the existence of UFOs and overall alien life?

So that means the subject of religion is yet another SENSITIVE topic to talk/discuss about on the forums (even in the Off-Topics section), am I correct? :sweat:

More or less, yes.
But why should it matter? We should be discussing KI, not personal beliefs.


Why yes, but of course and indeed so. You’re exactly right about that too.

That’s what i think it is personally. All religions have different gods, but to me its all the same. there isnt 50 different gods, and 49 are not wrong and only 1 is right. Its all the same, just different names and make believe stories.

Well demons are all fabrication of man to scare people into follwoing certain rules. IMO


imo, if aliens were to finally reveal themselves to us and actually make contact then religion itself would be destroyed. not trying to stir the pot or anything, but there are many religious folks who firmly believe that we are the only sentient beings in the universe because of god. soooo, if we see ETs show up…then there goes their belief system yes?

however, the way i see it if god is all powerful then he can easily create other beings from other worlds. he is infinitely powerful right? im not religious though i do believe in him, heaven, hell, demons, angels, etc since i was brought up in a catholic family. thats as far as it goes for me, im not devout nor do i care to go to church. the place would burn down at my feet or ill catch fire myself.


Off topic for a moment my nan was a devout Protestant and way back she was taken into hospital and things were touch and go. My mom brought in a Catholic priest to say a few words “just in case” when my nan recovered we told her about it and it was the funniest thing seeing her go crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

So back on topic, considering the vastness of our galaxy alone (over 100 billion stars and counting) and on the grand scale just how young our solar system is I think there certainly is life somewhere out there.

Intelligent life wouldn’t bother to say hello I think instead they’d come to have a look and see if we’ve evolved and then leave again.

I did see a UFO once, not claiming it to be alien in origin but it didn’t act like any aircraft I knew of.

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Here’s food for thought:

Why is it that every time an unusual object enters the frame during the International Space Station live feed, the feed gets cut?

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Government conspiracy? Government cover-up? Top-secret, classified government information? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stephen Hawkins said we have a hundred years to figure out how to leave here, or we are doomed.
Also to stop looking for aliens, and if any show up were doomed.

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