Do you believe in the existence of UFOs and overall alien life?

  • Definitely so, yes
  • Not really, no
  • Used to but not anymore
  • Depends

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I used to believed in the existence of UFOs and overall in alien life before but not very much anymore especially nowadays in my case

I’m pretty sure there is some life out there. Maybe not an advanced alien race capable of intergalactic travel, but definitely some simple organisms that will be rather underwhelming when/if we discover them.


Probably not UFOs. Just because there’s a lot of flying objects that are yet to be identified doesn’t automatically mean that the conclusion has to be an aircraft from another planet and so on. That borders on being paranoia.

But for alien life, the odds could be high, its just that we may never know if we’ll ever encounter them. I can only hope our species will become advanced and rational enough to handle the situation in the far future.


With as large and vast as the universe I think it would be extremely unlikely that there isn’t life out there somewhere.
Now intelligent and advanced life, enough for interstellar travel, not to mention comparible to earth life enough to live in a compatible environment, even less unlikely.

I think the most believable scenarios is entire ecosystems have advanced and decayed before humanity was even in existence, and the chances of any form of life being in the same or similar stages of evolution/existence as humans in such a small time frame as humanity are extremely slim.

So no, I don’t see UFO’s being a thing unless we make them.


I used to believe in UFOs and conspiracy theories and whilst I don’t doubt there’s extraterrestrial life, I don’t think UFOs are anything beyond the human imagination.

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I believe there are planets with life forms somewhere in space, why would not they be, but I am not bothered much about it.

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There is a scientific equation out there that suggests that the likelihood of alien life, even intelligent life, is incredibly likely (even by conservative estimates) and that it is out there somewhere. As others have said, however, considering the vastness of space and the amount of time it would take to travel across it, I think that it’s incredibly unlikely, and unfortunate, that we have visitors from another world.


Depends on what you mean.

On the one hand, I think Roswell was a farce and there are no little men in flying saucers on their way to retrieve their fallen comrade.

On the other hand, I think it’s foolish to believe that Earth is the only place where amino acids have formed and developed into more complex forms of life, considering we have evidence to the contrary. We have found fossilized bacteria on meteorites that we have since determined to be sulfur-based organisms, so it is a fact that life exists elsewhere.


No way there isnt something out there…there is just too much distance to cover and too many “suns” and planets that one of them isnt close enough to the sun like Earth to have the perfect meld of temperature and atmosphere to sustain life.


The best sign that there is intelligent life “out there” is that it hasn’t contacted “us” yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends. Do I think it’s possible that somewhere out in the vast universe, there’s another place with conditions suitable for living beings? Yes. It’s not only possible, I’d say it’s probable.

But if you’re asking whether I believe those beings have contacted us, or in flying saucers, little green men, stuff at area 51, etc. I’d say that once you get through the science fiction, there’s not much in the way of compelling facts (that we know about) to support the idea that this stuff exists or that any living beings outside of our world have made contact with us, regardless of whatever the government may or may not have done at any point in time.

As it pertains to our world specifically, I think it’s a romanticized idea built on a “what-if” premise and the likelihood that something else is out there. But I personally don’t extrapolate anything beyond those original ideas. That’s just me though. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I believe there are life forms out there.

Don’t really have any interest meeting them since they seem to be minding their own business.

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i think there are aliens out there for sure. what we consider to be the perfect planet to sustain life imo only applies to us and our thinking. alien life forms are exactly that, alien. a planet that may be total suicide to walk outside to sight see for us exists, but for another completely different extraterrestial species? could be perfect for them.

we all have our imaginations when it comes to aliens, but i think would we see the real deal with our own eyes it would be the most shocking, curious, and mind blowing experience in regards to sentient life. would our eyes even be able to see them? is it even safe to hear them speak? or even come into close proximity to one? how about them? if they were to walk on earth, would our gravity crush their bodies, or is our gravity next to non existant for them?

wouldnt that be creepy that with how our biological make up with our vision cant register theirs. things like that, things that are outside the box. aliens are completely on their own level compared to what we see and perceive. i dont think any of us in our lifetimes will witness alien life, and to me thats a tragedy…or a blessing. so many questions, and so many mysteries. we’re gonna be stuck with them for our entire lives

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If the media and public truly had at least an idea of how large space is, like astronomers do, everyone’s answer would be yes. There is no logic in saying the probability of aliens is high, it is not high, it’s literally 100%.

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What made you change your mind?

I think it’d be pretty unlikely for there to be no other life in the universe. At the very least there’s surely some simple organisms floating around in an ocean somewhere in this galaxy, yeah?

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I don’t doubt their existence but until I see one crash-land in front of me, I remain skeptical but I won’t deny the possibility of alien life.

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A dream of mine would be to live long enough to see one (it isn’t going to happen).

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Religious reasons, reasons relating/pertaining to religion basically. That’s all I’m going to say now, thank you.

P.S. Now speaking about religion(s), by any chance do any of you believe that the angels and demons as well as the gods, deities, and spirits from the world mythologies were actually aliens/alien beings?

I would let those questions go. All that is going to lead to is several flagged posts and temp/perm bans.