Do we really need 4 to 5 forms of Gargos?

Ah ha ha ha ha!

Although, I guess if that’s the only way we’re gonna get Eyedol, I don’t really mind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Eagle is already in the game, that’s why.


^ That is all.

in hence fourth, my point is exactly proven about the hypocrisy of 4 shadow omens and all your points or topics of trying to make fun of me , Ki has 4 forms or Gargos,if eagle’s mind( A.I) is the reason why hes not in there, then take Omen out. Point given , I just had my accounts compromised so don’t mess with me I’m already in a bad mood

4 Shadow Omens?

There are not four forms of Gargos, they’re all RELATED to Gargos but not “forms” of him. You don’t call Cinder, Riptor, Fulgore and Sadira “Forms of ARIA” do you? Omen is an ally to Gargos, he’s not the same character. The reason Eagle isn’t coming to KI is because he IS Fulgore, literally.

If Tusk’s story told us that Spinal was his long lost brother Antler, you wouldn’t expect them to add that character into the game would you? Spinal is already in the game, we don’t need a previous version of him. Same goes for Eagle, Fulgore is Thunder’s brother it would be pointless to add in Eagle as a canon character at this point.


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It’s not opinion, it’s fact.

Maya’s sister is coming to the game because she died and her body somehow came back as a vampire, Eagle STILL EXISTS and is alive inside Fulgore. There’s no way to bring him back in the story, even with a curse or some other mumbojumbo. The simple fact is, he’s already in the game and he’s a cyborg built by Ultratech. Eagle’s remains are inside of the hard candy shell, it doesn’t matter what spin you put on it Eagle is alive therefor he can’t be “brought back” right now as far as the story is concerned.

It doesn’t matter what you tell me to go back and read, the only story that is canon right now is what’s in the game as of season 2. Nothing before that is canon so you have to let it go. KI 1 & 2 never happened, you can’t cite them as any reference in this new game. They are not ammo to back up any crazy theories in this story.

Shadow Jago is the only loop hole, as he was created as a skin that was later made canon. He’s the only instance of a character out of place that isn’t existing within the current lore. As far as Shadow Orchid that was a fan made photoshop by a guy who makes tons of well-made fan creations for KI, not at all real whatsoever. As for Gargos “fighting his own spirit” that’s not the case, Shadow Jago and Omen are NOT Gargos inhabiting someone, its a separate creature that Gargos SENT TO OCCUPY THEM, Omen is not Gargos he’s one of his minions.

Its hard to even follow what you’re saying friend but I can assure you that Omen is not Gargos, he might have been CREATED by Gargos but he’s not another form of the same character. There is Jago and then there is Gargos, Gargos sends Omen to poses Jago creating Shadow Jago. Omen emerges and becomes his own creature returning Jago to normal. In the end there are three surviving characters who are completely independent of each other, Jago, Omen and Gargos.

Its really not as hard to comprehend as this little back and fourth we’re having would make you think.

Just a teeeeny tiny correction there, read Omen’s story and it says that (with confirmation backed up by a dev, if I am not mistaken) when Omen exited Jago he, the latter and Shago became all separate entities.

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Wait what? Tell me more about Shadow Orchid. Give me a link man.

Okay so that just furthers my position then, if Shadow Jago is his own entity now.

They did. SJ is essentially Omen. So when Omen leaves so does SJ.

Teeeechnically there’s only one Gargos… If Shadow Orchid is ever a thing there are 3 variations of OMEN really.