Do we really need 4 to 5 forms of Gargos?

these slots could be made for better fighters and first of all we have
1.Shadow Jago-great fighter whos possessed by omen the herald of gargos
2. Shadow Orchid- we have already seen hints of orchids image with chains when s3 was announced in shagos stage
3.Gargos ,weve seen pics of him for the 1st time since KI and he looks cool
4 Omen- I think its time for Omen to go ,hes a terrible fighter , a cheap fighter and come one,how many variations of gragos are you gonna put in IG?

You can never have enough “GRAGOS” or whoever your talking about.

Omen IS NOT terrible…you must loose to him a lot and are frustrated.

Shadow Orchid has NEVER been confirmed…you have seen FAN ART and that’s it.


The only image of “Shadow Orchid” that I know about was a fan-made thing, nothing official. I don’t think we need a Shadow clone of anyone else, because the slot is better spent on a new, unique character.

Omen already exists, has artwork, sound, and gameplay built into the game, and is his own unique character both ingame and in the lore. If you don’t like him, that’s fine, but he’s a legitimate character and belongs in the game. I’d recommend you practice fighting him specifically if he gives you trouble.

Having already cut down the list, it’s worth pointing out that none of these characters are “clones” of Gargos - Shadow Jago and Omen already play very differently, and I’m sure Gargos will also be unique.


could be worse, we could get 5 actual versions of him all the same figher style, and its about lore, so who cares as long as they are all their own character

2 . Does not exist.

But we need 5 of them to combine them. Together they form EXODIA THE FORBIDEN ONE!!!
That’s the end of gargos plan and what omen was supposed to do.


Eyedol holds the key for a next season.


shadow jago has the spirit of gargos in him,the herald of gargos(OMEN)!
the outline I saw was from a legitimate source of shadow orchid and she had sai’s,there was also a outline of a medusa type character,along with an outline of kira( the vampire)
Gargos ,we saw the other day ,I would rather see a shadow orchid than omen anymore especially if Gargos is coming,Omen has a lot of shadow jagos moves already ad they got the idea b4 they got the charity money to make shago who is a good toon. I’m just saying lets use these slots on something else, no one ever talked about Thunders brother EAGLE risen from the dead,which was a cool azz idea , a zombie ,mix of thunder and spinal cursed big and ticked off. the vampire chick idea is lame I don’t like it,she obviously gonna disappear have a lot of the ame moves,sigh!

New character or bust.

Again, you’re referring to a fan-made image and trailer. Nothing you’ve listed here was from an official release of art, video, or information.


I bet gargos just wants pizza, this is his master plan to get pizza

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I know EXACTLY what gargos wants. It’s the same thing I want. But can’t have or get.

if they can bring ot mayas sister why not EAGLE ??? and not just some big indian like thunder , a true Zombie cursed from spinal, because that was the story from ki1 in the 90’s,Thunder was hunting spinal for the remains of his brother and then they made his AI fulgores AI,dumb! since Omen can go why not harness his evil since hes affecting orchid now to keep this Gargos story under wraps and use this uncontrolable spirit AI into fulgore .gargos looks cool but face it, why have gargos and the spirit of gargos? ones gotta go I’m sorry its just stupid writing, Eagle’s remains were cursed like if I remember right from spinals curse,no thunder clone just blood,guts, half face ,half skull of pissed off and cursed in limbo indian burial ground stuff, this is a cool idea,OR since omen’s physical body would be gone give EAgle Omens wings,like legion , WHY not I mean just eagles part of the story,the Ki story and they have the rights to him if they can get halo, rash and right to them they cant use usage rights argumensts anymore, a vampire in KI ,I mean they are making the game into darkstalkers,whats next Frankenstein? vampires, werewolves,mummies, skeletons wheres the originality ,I mean what happened to the samurai idea?

I’m sorry but none of what you said makes sense to me. A zombie who stole omens wings?

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With all respect, i hope no one of IG read this. It’s a terrible idea.

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How about we carry on with the ARIA vs gargos showdown? Worst comes to worst they could just add eyedol without story relevance then.

That way people can have their eyedol and we can have him not involved in the story. Would be a way. One way to put this to rest.

No, actually, that wasn’t the story from the 90’s. I’m guessing you assumed that from “Spinal” popping out of Eagle’s grave? Considering Spinal’s model was used whenever Rare wanted any kind of skeleton in their FMVs, I dunno how much evidence that puts there, especially considering that the comics that happened at the same time made it so that Eagle’s remains were used to make Fulgore. DH/IG didn’t just pull that out of nowhere.

There is even less basis to say that Eagle’s remains were cursed by Spinal (who, in the 90s, never wanted to be alive anyway and was kind of just hoping he’d be offed eventually; no idea why he’d curse someone like Eagle like that) than there is that Eagle was used to create Fulgore. They just changed it from being Fulgore as a cyborg thing into Fulgore being a full robot whose AI was basically a brain scan of Eagle, which I think is a cooler idea personally.

Also, spoilers, KI was already a massive collection of tropes of the time. Super spy in a latex bodysuit, nondescript ninja with hadoukens, werewolf, Ray Harryhausen skeleton and cyclops, weird dinosaur mutant, fire man, ice man…IG is just building off of what’s already there. Besides, if you’re annoyed with originality and Darkstalkers ripoffs, why are you suddenly pushing a literal Indian Burial Ground zombie?


I fully agree. Having another shadow character would just cheapen the originality of Shago, and also take up a character space for someone else.



We need…Shadow Gargos. He possessed himself. Come on it would so be worth the last character slot.

Shadow Eyedol perhaps?