Do we have a chance to play Kim Wu before S3?

Any chances to get Kim Wu in february before KI Season 3 starts ? Tusk and Rash in march ?

Just like TJ Combo with Season 2 ?

I think rash is the only beta character were getting before season 3.

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This is confirmed. They changed so much in Season 3 that it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to release another Beta character.

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I think the only way to preview any more S3 stuff is to go to KI Cup.

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Yea I expect this is the case. Wouldn’t really be possible to let us test another new character without us knowing the new mechanics and possibly having the older character adjustments as well…

It’s a bummer, sure, but it’s reasonable if there’s as much new stuff as they say.

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I agree.

Knowing the amount of work IG is putting into season 3, as well as how they confirmed that they wouldn’t release another beta character, it would make a lot of sense for them to allow one of their more polished/complete characters to be playable.