Do people hack/cheat the leaderboards?

Talking about the Shadow Lab leaderboards of coarse. I was looking through them today and it seems like the top 20 for each character are pretty close in score, but then in a few there are a couple guys with just crazy scores, like way higher than everybody else lol were these honest runs or are people able to cheat the boards?

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If they did why would they tell :laughing:

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Last time I looked my Shago was top, and no I haven’t hacked or anything. The thing is to get off to a good start with friends playing your shadow. If your shadow gets top or near the top it seems to be like a domino effect. Everyone wants to play and beat the top shadow of that specific character.

Also if there are only a few shadows of say 250 standard they will get more fights in the survival mode when people reach the 250 mark etc Again a sort of domino effect that the more wins and fights your shadow has the more it gets.

People also want to fight active shadows that there is a chance to get fought back, the best way to see if a shadow is active is the number of fights it has had imo.

I have noticed some suspicious shadows going up by like 10 wins everyday or so. This I do find odd and think it could be people logging in with another account giving they’re shadow free wins to boost it up. Which is pointless in my opinion, but hey each to there own.

Hope this helps.

I am mainly talking about Shadow Survival score. It would seem everybody around the top is like in the 10,000s (or maybe its 100,000s) and then there is like 2 guys with like 20349856320495349 points lol

The reason I ask was because I did a run today, and did what I thought was pretty good. I checked the Spinal Shadow Survival board I had moved up to 4th place, and then the guy above me was only a little bit ahead, and then the top 2 guys just have scores that don’t even seem realistic lol I am not saying its impossible, I am just genuinely wondering.

Oh right. I think they are just glitches. Could be hacks, but I doubt it. Not sure anyone would bother. I’m sure in season 1 normal survival glitched like that.

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They’re glitches, not intentional. When shadow lab first came out i was getting like a million points per win. Not sure if they ever reset the leaderboards.

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Oh ok thanks for the responses guys, I wasn’t sure what that was about. It would be cool if they could fix or reset that sometime lol

Yeah when it first came out some how people were getting crazy numbers and it just stayed… they really need to fix it. Some people want to be #1 and cant because of those glitches.

I won’t lie…I kind of want to be #1 in the Spinal Survival board lol if it wasn’t for (what I assume) are two glitch scores at the top spot I would be 2nd, and I know I can beat the score of the player above me if I try hard enough lol

I know people say leaderboards are meaningless and don’t matter etc. but people trying to get the high score has always been a part of gaming, even back in the arcade days lol it’s fun to some people

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Well lets find out if we can get it fixed?

@rukizzel @GoogleMyName @TempusChaoti @TotalJimkata

Hey guys, I know your busy but we were wondering if those bogus Shadow leader board scores could be corrected to reflect the true points per character. We really love to play shadows and for some of us that may not be able to get the #1 spot in ranked or online leader boards… we may have a shot at Shadows?? Who knows? If the glitched points were not there from when shadows first came out.

Thanks for your help!

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Fix the most fight challenges board too! Why they didn’t bother to fix them I don’t know why. The “most well rounded” board has been broken since last summer. The “unusual score” is 2147483647, or the highest number the system will recognize. I hope IG cleans it up for season 3.

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I don’t think it’s hacks and cheats as much as it is buggy data. The leaderboards haven’t been accurate since KI launched. I hope they clean things up for S3 to make it actually be reliable data, but I doubt it. Managing leaderboards is super hard and there’s always going to be inaccurate data.

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