Do IG developers accept man-hugs at conventions/tournaments?

… because Killer Instinct is a godlike game?

ahhh impulse post

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Everyone is different. Some prefer the stern handshake. Others go right on in for the hug. There are a varying range of personalities on the team.

Which person likes what? I’ll never tell. Good luck.


I like pizza!

Yeah, it’s an impulse post, but I’m okay with it. I like Chicago style thin crust, cut in squares. Sure, deep dish is awesome, but only on rare occasions since each piece almost feels like a meal in and of itself.

As to hug or handshake. I honestly despise handshakes. Only some 30% of dudes wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. That’s awful. I don’t want your stray piddle, junk sweat or microberries on my hand. I prefer to just tap someone on the upper arm head nod.

No idea why I felt compelled to share any of this. So yeah, impulse post all around.

I kinda like this thread. :slight_smile:

See what’s transpired. Moved it to off-topic though.