Do I really need Shadow Jago?

I was happy to see that they made Shadow Jago available again, but now that I saw the price I’m kind of doubting wheter I should get it afterall. I just bought Season 3 and I’m not too keen on spending any more money on the game right now.

So do I really need him, or am I making a big mistake? How long will it be available to buy?

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No idea on how long he’ll be available. Whether or not he’s worth it is really up to you. If he seems like someone you’d like to play, then I say go for it. If his playstyle doesn’t seem to appeal to you, then maybe you can pass.

No, Shadow Jago is just an extra character. He plays differently than Jago, but he’s not needed other than if you wanna play as him.

maybe search for some good Shadow Jago gameplay/combo vids and see if you like him.

He’s not OP or required in any way, shape, or form, so it’s more of a completist/personal preference thing.

Shago is just another character. If you are happy with what you have, just let him lay…


Know that this is only the third time he’s been available in 3 years. Once at the start of the game (2013), then again just this passed Christmas (2015). Him being available now is predicable seeing as the game is launching new on PC, but he may not be back. If they announce S4 in a year or so, he may come back around then, but yeah, that is the risk you run.