Do Fight Stick companies have Black Friday and Boxing day sales?

Do Fight Stick companies like Mad Cats and Razer usually have sales on Black Friday and Boxing day on their websites?

Specifically eyeing the Razer Atrox or official KI Tournament stick, but I don’t really know much of Fight Stick brands

No. Occasionally something will go on sale but it’s pretty rare. I don’t follow Atrox closely, but you are more likely to see something in sale from a retailer trying to clear inventory.

The KI fightstick is madcatz and they aren’t making them anymore. So the chances of you finding a new one for less than MSRP are zero.

Your best bet now is to have someone build you one. TE2 madcatz stick are selling way over priced on ebay lately…not worth it.

thanks everybody for the info

sales/discounts on fight stick and accessories happen at major and/or regional tournaments. follow the various offline tournaments and/or watch their streams (even if it’s not KI) and you’ll see the sales/discounts you’re looking for.

thx, will do