Do ANY of you drink any alcoholic beverages?

Ranging from beer, vodka, and wine to tropical drinks and frozen drinks too for that matter?

Beer: Miller Lite, Budweiser, Redd’s, Corona, Heineken, etc.
Wine: Burgundy, Chardonnay, Chablis, Takara Plum Wine, Rose, etc.
Vodka: Smirnoff, etc.
Tropical Drinks: Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Honi Honi, Scorpion, etc.
Frozen Drinks: Frozen Pina Colada, Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, etc.

As for me here:
Beer: ALL OF THE ABOVE including the newer and less familiar as well as more original and locally hand/home-brewed ones. And in my case I now usually drink just one beer, sometimes two, and very seldomly three beers when I am in the mood/feel like getting another one to drink.

Wine: I very seldomly drink wine though I have found myself taking a particular liking to Takara Plum Wine as it has a rather sweet and fruity taste to it hence its VERY name Plum Wine :wink: :slight_smile: :grin: :yum:

Vodka: I try AND had vodka (I think it was Smirnoff but I am not exactly sure which one it was as I had it quite awhile back) for the VERY first time in my case and I must say/tell you, that vodka I try AND drank had a really, REALLY strong kick as well as a bit of an overwhelming flavor to it but other than that I overall quite like it.

Tropical Drinks: Primarily Pina Colada for me here :yum:

Frozen Drinks: Sometimes frozen Pina Colada and frozen Strawberry Daiquiri too, I believed :yum:


I rarely drink much but I enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, and will have a beer in social settings. I’m not very picky about either, although I like Guinness and have been having a taste for dark beers lately.

I travel a lot which means people like to take you out and show you what they drink locally. I particularly enjoy sake in Japan and I was gifted a lovely bottle of Tequila in Mexico last month.

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I’ve totally given up alcohol (except if i have to taste or sample for my job) for close to 5 years now.

Before then, i don’t think i had much preference and tried a little of everything. Wasn’t much for frozen drinks or many local brews unless i had to. Got more out of beer like Negro Modelo and a tequile (im gonna butcher this spelling…) El Tesoro de Don Phillipe.

No. Because I’m 18.

I don’t drink… vine…

In truth I don’t drink at all. No beer, no wine… none. :smiley:

I drink Fanta does that count lol?


I’m still not 21 so that’s until October a big no.


I’m 15 so the clostest thing for me is Root Beer which probably doesn’t count.


I do not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind. I’ve learned enough from my mother, who thankfully has turned away and turned wiser


Depends on the kind you get, some Root Beers have alcohol and others don’t. But you’ve probably had non alcoholic if you drink Barq, Mug, Faygo, A & W and any other ones I’m forgetting that are at stores and restaurants. Also I have not had any alcoholic beverages I’m not old enough yet.

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I can count on 1 hand the number of alcoholic beverages I’ve had in my lifetime. What I have had…I kinda like brandy.


I live in country where alcohol is foundation of every social interaction, and I don’t like alcohol.



jack and coke of a friday or saturday night

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I used to drink a lot. Beer, cachaça, vodka. Today I ain’t do it anymore.

If there’s Guinness on tap, that’s my preferred drink. A lot of times I drink whiskey or bourbon, usually when I’m hanging out with my dad and smoking a cigar with him. Sake is also really good, Hana sake in particular is my preferred brand.

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I hate the taste of alcohol, so I dont ever drink for the taste, or for long.

I treat it like medicine. I take my 3 doses (shots) in the form of a fruity mixed drink (to hide the taste), and I go have fun. I never drink to sickness, and never do any of the obvious bad stuff like driving, so I think I’m pretty responsible.

I’m constantly trying new drinks, but I will never drink a beer or wine. Tastes terrible, and the habit of drinking “casually” can bring you to addiction.

So far I have really enjoyed:

  • Vodka and red bull
  • Pineapple upside down cake

Drinks that are still too alcohol-y in flavor:

  • mudslide
  • hurricanes
    (Im 21 btw)
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ill have whatever gets me tanked, lol


No I don’t like alcohol…

Dark ales are usually my first choice, though I’m happy with most good beers. Rum and Soda is nice too. Really like mead.

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