Dlc help!

Hi All, I have an offline windows 10 account on my PC (meaning its not linked to a microsoft account) So me and my brother sign in onto the pc with the same account.

I purchased Shadow Jago though the game as my hotmail account. When i logged into the game as my brothers hotmail account he could also see shadow jago. which is great and i assume that is how it should work.

But since the update i believe, he signed in and couldnt see shadow jago anymore?

Does anybody have any insight into sharing DLC on windows 10 please because i would like to buy the whole game/characters but i wont if my brother can’t access them. I aint paying twice for the same thing.

…Or was it a co-incidence and before the update shadow jago was free for all? but i dont recall seeing the ‘free’ on his icon at character select.



Hmm, are you sure when you logged into your bro’s Hotmail that you could actually play as Shadow Jago, as opposed to just seeing him in the select screen? Since he’s always there, but that doesn’t mean one can play as him unless he’s bought.

In the free version you can play against Shadow Jago, the CPU.

Purchases I would think are tied to individual Microsoft accounts, so what is bought on one would not be available to another MS account.

I can’t speak for the PC version at all, but on the Xbox One you can share DLC between accounts who on the same machine who share the same “Home Console” setting.

All of my Killer Instinct content and DLC (and most other games, honestly) are purchased on my account, but my wife can log into her account on the same machine and use the same content even if I’m not logged in.

Indeed we played ‘as’ shago in dojo and in story/arcade mode on my brothers hotmail profile. That is how I tested that it worked but now we can no longer select him at all on my brothers account.

Yep that is how it works on xbox as far as i was aware. I thought it works the same on pc, well, it did, untill now :S

I tried a system restore but that didn’t help, bleh.