Disrespected ;(

i here like any other frustrated gamer that just wanna play the game , have spent HOURS apon hours trying to fix this problem , due to my expert level in troubleshooting , as a matter of a fact it’s my free lancing job , i was able to find a solution , i posted it on a thread and people found it challenging , so i offered to help via teamviewer , then here come a Mod xSkeletalx locking my thread making me unable to respond neither people giving their feedback on the matter , my intention was just doing a good deed and help the frustrated and confused , you can find all about me here
https://about.me/sora2love ,
you don’t have to be afraid of me im all over social media.
this is a loud and public request to unlock my thread about fixing a critical issue. please believe that good people exist in this planet

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Please do not create threads discussing moderator action, and calling out others. Please also refrain from asking user’s for their personal information. This is against the site’s policy as well as the ToU of Xbox Live.