I’m enjoying Shadow Lords very much. I do have some gripes about some displays. I’m very aware of what continents are being shown pertaining towards missions but I’ve noticed that it isn’t displayed anywhere for the common person to see. Especially when trying to deal with corruption that is building up in game. Another thing, sometimes when prompted, a player is asked to spend materials for certain items. In order to make a great consumer choice, the number of materials in question should be displayed. Also, I’m not sure if the CPU opponents possess artifacts or consumables. It’s not very easy to distinguish. Another thing, I’ve noticed that when it comes to crafting, some options are taken away and I’m not sure why that is. If it’s a developer choice or having to do with balancing. But I feel like all choices should be available when it comes to crafting when it’s already been presented. Maybe I missed something dealing with that but I’m not a fan of having choices taken away. These might seem like small issues but I only wish to point them out. I’ve only been in an hour into the game mode but this is what I’ve discovered so far. I’ll post again if I find more concerns when it comes to gameplay in the near future. I hope my feedback has been helpful and isn’t coming off as entitled. Thank you for allowing me to preview this very fun mode early. I’m a big fan.

The continents gain this orange outline as they get corrupted, however I do agree that perhaps a section of the mission menu telling you which continent the location is a part would be beneficial to new players.

As far as I’m aware the CPUs don’t have artifacts or consumables, but they may have efects similar to them.

As for recipes disappearing, every now and then a message shows up saying that kan-Ra’s stock has changed, signalling that the recipes have changed. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m sure there is a good reason for it.

I guess it’s so that you can’t always go and make only one item for the rest of the game. In a way it’s so that you get a chance to craft items you normally would not craft but I could be wrong.

shadow lords remind me of the old game genie codes that would modify the code of the old cartridge games. MK 1 for Super Nintendo had a code to modify the grey blood to red. awesome!

this is essentially what shadow lords is. a built in game genie that modifies properties of game mechanics wrapped up in a cheap still image burrito story board with F rated voice acting.