Discord Regime

Yo is Discord killing game Forums ?
Fantasy Strike’s forum’s are alil dry and Dustloop and Lost Planet 2 steam forums are Ghost Towns… apparently they all vanished to Discord.

Now I tried Discord before… didn’t much care for it, especially when someone was being mean to me because of something I did or said buy they wouldn’t tell me why… so I deleted my account and moved on…

Unfortunately I’ve been cursed with the affliction of liking games way too late when nobody plays them anymore… so much so I pop open a game only to find the lobbies and Ranked are Dry as ■■■■ :scream:.

So is Discord the future ? :frowning:

Personally, I prefer Forums as the discussions actually stay. Yes Discords are more popular but I’m glad this Forum is still somewhat active.


As much as I love y’all and these forums, I’m glad we don’t have a Discord because I wouldn’t want my phone pinging 24/7 :joy:

Me Too… Forums are life… Forums are love !!! :slight_smile:

Oh gosh don’t remind me… it was a nightmare. And when you turn the notifications you misses out on a gigantic chunk of the discussion when you get back.

KI has discord though. I don’t mind Discord but it’s true that forums are better for tech discussions. Tech drowns in discord messages.

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Everything Drowns in Discord… its the Infinite Black Of Discourse where a topic only lasts for 35 Seconds.

A Quote feature would go a long way to alleviate this problem but NOPE… Couldn’t be bothered… even Reddit has a quote function… COME ON DISCORD !!!