Disconected. Opponent leave lobby

Every second game i have this. I play on wire, and have no probems with connection in other games. is it problem on my site or server?

Most likely a rage quit. Killer Instinct’s netcode is good and afaik, it uses P2P connection so it’s just between you and your opponent.

hard reset your xbox

Sorry for late answer.Make some tests. I play on win 10. I test my network on win 10 and win 7, network is fine, then i tried different firewall and windows defender settings, but no use, almost every ranked game ends with freeze and disconnect. Then i just re-install win 10, load KI, play 5 matches and get 5 disconnects… I have no idea what to do now.

P.S. i pay 3 math ago and game works fine

Is everyone here a PC gamer? :man_shrugging:t5: