Digital Foundry Xbox One X KI Preview


Looking great. Hopefully theres enough time between now and launch for IG to give us locked 60fps. Those rare dips are also in the current xbox one version for any one wondering

Not really seeing any difference.

Yeah it’s just a huge resolution boost, that’s it. I wish there was more.

Kinda defeats the purpose of doing a graphics comparison video when the only difference is resolution that can’t even be picked up in said video. lol

Would have at least been nice to see a high-res texture pack released with this.

Yeah surprised that’s not in there. This honestly feels like a very lazy 4k upgrade. Disappointing.

There is no high res texture pack on PC. We are essentially getting the pc version with higher res and faster load times. If the game doesn’t lag as much when navigating the menus and trying to customise fighters then im all for it. Faster load times are what I’m most looking forward to.

Frankly, me too. Against any and all better judgement, in a moment of weakness I pre-ordered an Xbox One X. I’m actually still not sure why, but faster load times are high on the list. I’m a bit disappointed to see that the load times still lag behind the PC, but it’s far better than Xbox One vanilla.

As far as the 4k “upgrade,” I think people have bizarre expectations. They are just letting the Xbox One X run the game in 4k. I know their marketing team is making a big deal out of this, but that’s what marketing is supposed to do. I’m not sure why people are expecting some kind of enhancement beyond just having the thing run in 4k.


I just hope matches can load closer to the 4 seconds founde on PCs or the 7 seconds or so I can get out of a mechanical drive (4 seconds was on an SSD). I don’t mind that the game’s getting a 4k patch though, I have no complaints.

Yeah, I’m aware there is no high-res textures on PC. I’m just saying if they’re going to boast about the improved visuals it would be nice. I mean making things 4k doesn’t really mean much when the texture quality is so low. You can see Hisako’s pixelated face in beautiful 4k! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah no menu lag and all that is a big plus.

I just bought a gaming PC. I’m hoping Killer Instinct runs at 60 FPS on PC. I’m new to the game and the forums. I’ve played KI on an XB1, but I don’t really know what the PC version is like. I’m waiting on the Steam release before I buy it. I’ve played just enough of the game to know I love it. I’m Native American myself, so Thunder is my dude. I even bought a shirt with him on it. Anyway, I hope to see you guys in-game soon.


The real interesting point of the video is that KI really isn’t 60FPS locked. They showed that it drops frames during Shadow moves which could impact breaking shadow moves.

Yeah they need to fix that.

The game runs in 60 fps on PC. Depending on your rig and the settings you may need to adjust the resolution or effects level if your machine is not powerful enough.

I doubt a drop to 55 fps is going to hurt anyone in this regard. Breaking shadows isn’t a one frame affair. To put it in perspective, Injustice 2’s super moves are rendered at 30fps, and they contain a pretty analogous mechanic to reduce the damage by tapping a button on every hit.

People, this is the PC port on Console, simply put… The most reasonable expectation has already been stated, loading times, other than that, I would deem anything else as aesthetics and unnecessary…

The good news once the X is up and running and proves it’s worth will be the second generation of releases… a KI fully developed with a X dev kit… that is what gets me somewhat excited, now that a more powerful console is here and available for devs to explore, my interest is peaking, looking towards the future in anticipation of a new KI/Season that will blow me away