Different tones for 2e and triple ultra

Can you guys change the tones of the music when you do a double or even a triple ultra please? Like you have the music when you do an ultra, the moment you perform a second ultra the same music play but a tone higher and for the third ultra again a tone higher.
that would be even more fun to do triple ultras. i do it all the time in singleplayer (survival, shadow survival, story mode). just saying cause i know a lot of you (community) dont like long ultras in multiplayer.
But anyway: ultra, double ultra and triple ultra are part of the game and i love it.
Hope IG can do something about the musc for the ultra’s!
Big thanks to all of you.

I know they slightly changed the tones after a recapture (even with a 3rd recapture, as discovered during the Hisako Infinite), but oddly enough it uses the same old tone after an instinct cancel. I think it’d be awesome if the tone changed with each subsequent Ultra, regardless of the method used to get it.

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I made a topic exactly like this in the old forums. Yes I would love to something like this in season 3 (Jago’s stage especially) with the second ultra sounding more dramatic. It just makes multiple ultras more interesting.

Here’s an example of Jago’s from E3 2013 (Warning: VERY slow gameplay)

And here’s Glacius’s (Again warning)

I like the violin in Jago’s Ultra

I agree, don’t know why they removed it… seems a shame to let a good sounding section go to waste