DID YOU KNOW? The KIWC Qualifier today and Frosty Faustings had more viewers than the HaloWC Online Qualifier today?

The stream --> https://www.twitch.tv/halo

I think the 8BBD and KI Pro League breaks regularly 1,300 viewers too.


They’re 2 completely different games. Soooooo…

Probably dude to the HUGE advertisement on the Xbox one home page. I made a thread about it earlier.
If it wasnt for that add I wouldnt have even known about it. There was NOTHING here on the Official forums about the tournament. Why is it that the KI forums is not making this information available? What the hell happened to Colt/ C styles? Why doesnt Rukari post these tings? I know he knows becasue he sends out Codes for every tournament to ensure their consoles have the up to date rosters if needed and they sponsor the pot bonus ect…

Some times I feel like Im the only one trying to spread the news…which is odd.

I was going to post the same thing. I was impresses to see that they advertised a KI event like that.

The only reason I new is because it is a Chicago tournament, and in live in IL. They said something about it during the MS tournament that was in their store. The one that was the same day as KIT

Same here, I’m sorry to admit. Still, it shows that advertising works. The only question now is how many it’ll pull into the fold via purchase.

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Rukari? he’s left us for his new mistress crackdown :laughing:. We’re no longer the trophy wife. I kid, I kid.

Tho it’s does mistify as to why the CM’s aren’t talking it up on the forums