Did yall notice a big improvement in Killer instinct visuals after windows 10 update?

Hello all., The Nigerian Killer instinct war general here :sunglasses:
Did yall notice an improvement in Killer instinct visuals after windows 10 update? , with the new xbox one windows 10 update .Ki Feels kinda brighter, smoother and more colorful and compact… is it just me or did the developers do summ special to the new windows 10 experience for Ki? , is this a sign of a beautiful season 3 coming soon. our KI seems so much smoother now., even the online seems way smoother, no delay no lag at all, str8 up kick ■■■ smooth online play,

What did yall notice after firing up ur KI after the windows 10 update yesterday. is it just me or am i hallucinating?

I noticed improvements but only after I lit up my spliff. :slight_smile:


I’ve been part of the preview program for a while now so I’ve had the new update longer than most. Didn’t notice any difference in regards to visuals for KI, could be a placebo effect where the brain is being tricked thinking the games are better since the dashboard is?


No difference here. It also wouldn’t make sense, they released a patch just a few days ago, why not release any visual improvements then? Or save them for Season 3? Timing it to the dashboard update would just be odd.

I got in a few rounds last night, but didn’t notice any difference in the visuals that I can recall.

Real LOL! good one!

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Only thing I noticed is I dont like the new Xbox home page update…I still dont have boosters…Difficulty bonus still doesnt change, stuck at 1.00. Shadows still crashes

I didn’t notice anything to be honest. Except that maybe my brother has been able to get better matches.

nope. The graphics has been improving a little bit through patches but its the same KI 2.11 with no shago yet. :confused:

Same here, had the update for a long while and I didn’t notice a change. If there was, it was minimal.

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