Did they just subtly confirm a classic stage's return!?

So in the blog post talking about Arbiter here https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/canon-fodder-fighting-words, there was a very interesting quote by Frank O’Connor.

“And further, like Spartan Nicole-458 from Dead or Alive 4, it helped to insert a subtle canonical buffer between their game and ours, so that players aren’t scratching their heads when the Covenant’s historical champion is fighting a Battletoad in Chicago

In Chicago!? From what i can find, TJ’s stage has never been confirmed to be located in Chicago. But do you know which stage IS located there? Orchid’s rooftop stage in KI 1&2! This could all mean absolutely nothing of course, as it could just be that internally TJ’s stage is considered to be in Chicago. But since her stage seems to be the most popular one from the old games (and has arguably the two most popular or at least iconic songs associated with it), this could also have been a very subtle tease of what’s to come :smiley:

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I thought one of the backstories hinted at most of KI’s locations being in Chicago? At least in the case of UltraTech.

Well drats…
Was kinda hoping i was onto something there :stuck_out_tongue:

Chicago makes sense I guess, as it’s where IG Headquarters is at! :smiley:

#Confirmed: IG is the Disavowed in disguise…

Huh, never realized that TJ and Aria’s stages weren’t specifically mentioned as being in Chicago. They just always sort of gave off a Chicago vibe.

I want to believe this, but @rukizzel never said “3 NEW stages in Season 3”

If he had, then classic stages would make sense.

He said “3 TOTAL stages in Season 3”,

so unless he made a mistake by saying it like that, then we can confirm there will be no classic stages.

this one eeh…

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I love that pink car! they should bring pink car back for easter egg!

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yep! A modern lowrider could be parked at the background. This is also the street you see in the background of downtown demolition (Chicago).

Stage fatality could be something like this:

Also just for fun, sometimes Rash, Pimple or Zits could crash their bikes on victim instead. LOL.

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I recall an interview over at E3 2014 (back during the days of Beta TJ Combo) with IG directly stating Combo’s stage was directly inspired by Chicago

The elevated train tracks are pretty typical of Chicago - although certainly not unique to there.

Don’t know where else you expect to find GFB Industries.

TJs story says he left Texas for Chicago? Does it not? Thats were he trained and started his own gym?

Gosh darn it guys, how many times do they have to say no until you get it.

I believe he means TJ’s stage which looks like Chicago.