Did injustice 2 copy from ki?

Seems like the ‘multiverse’ mode in the upcoming injustice 2 has taken a lot from shadow lords and shadows in general from KI.
Its a more expanded version but its definitly inspired by KI shadow lords.
What you guys think?

Multiverse mode is actually more like the MK living towers

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Shadow lords is very similar to heroes vs heralds in umvc3 soooooooo…

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Done much better

Peers (and rivals) feed off of each other all the time. Similarities appearing among there work is inevitable. This applies across all mediums really.

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I thought he same thing…like a combo of SLs and MK towers

It’s literally just a more interactive version of living towers. There’s no RPG elements besides the gear.

Based on what (little) I saw it did kind of seem like their take on Shadow Lords but apparently it’s more like the Living Towers in X according to people who have seen more of it.

Is that new? I don’t recall seeing it on the 360 version. Wait, if it is only online than it makes sense.

It in the 360 version. It was patched after umvc3 came out in 2011. It’s VERY SIMILAR.

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I see KI and Shadow Lords why is this off Topic again seems more like general discussion to me