Did anyone see Tusk had beard?

I know this thread is pointless. But I can’t handle my hype!

Did you see Tusk had Beard?.. Skip to 2:11 and then pause it.

I am HYPE for Tusk’s return, get his own stage and BEARD!

I wish he didn’t have a beard. I have a feeling, he’s going to look a lot like Thor.


I dont care about that… But I knew it! I knew it! I knew Tusk will get Beard! : D

His “Retro” outfit will probably have him clean-shaven, but it fits his redesign to have a long blonde beard. <3


looks like hair to me

Well, to be fair… beard is made of hair.


I think giving Tusk a beard is a natural evolution of the character’s design. If you’re going to have a big beefy barbarian, long unkempt facial hair is usually part of the deal. Not to mention the only other bearded characters in the game are TJ (whose beard game is pretty lackluster unless you use his bald alternate head) and Spinal (again, only when you opt for a specific alt head); why not give a character one by default?

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It’s a buffed Maximilian :joy:


It looks braided Kind of like this

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I think Tusk may just have braids because I saw something that may be stubble. I don’t think they’ll overhaul his aethethics but, maybe ad some flair to them so I don’t think he’ll have a big bushy beard or at least hope not.